Chuck Norris' Debt Free!

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well.. Here's the second part to "Starwell's Broke"...
if you wanna see what we've been doing in place of Area 52- check out http://scarletveronica.co m/preview -out in stores halloween 2007. also- there's a possibility that Area 52 may be on tv! we're developing a pilot episode with a production studio and then we're going to shop it at some networks.. so - we'll see!



What it is you tried to parody,then itself became a parody. I know for sure you are not enough clever to have made this intentional. As we all know,Chuck Norris schills for any and all deals he's given;how else could he make ends meet? This was so expected. Lame jokes galore;nothing new,just old hat.Maybe I am jaded,but this as an ultra played-out exercise in boredom (notice how I chose not to make a joke of it,at least in the real). 2/5 nothing new or interesting. Not in any way deserving of the front page.POOP.

JAMce responds:

you type like the way an arabian outsourced coustomer service representative- speaks.

"I know you are not enough clever"?
-ha ha.

So right

It's not that it bad. It's like Sardines some people like it some don't. I didn't find it humor funny. It was like a random humor. Unlike the funny random (badguys) and (Phoenix Wrong) it not a silly random.

Heck Yes. Thanks for the Tax solutions Guys!

Honestly I was a little bit skeptical on how much of this info was actually legitimate. But I really must say that the information Chuck dished out like straight arm punches on Sunday were dead on. But I would like Chuck Norris to kick the face off of an IRS official.

Chuck Norris, will you be America's Valentine? And if not; will you officially kill Valentines day and rid it as being the most annoying day on the Hallmark calendar.

No roundhouse for me!

If you don't vote 5/10 Chuck Norris will hunt you down and roundhouse kick you in the face!


CHUCK NORRIS IS OVERRATED! in my humble opinion, of course.
well, this really got the "advertising feel", if you know what i mean....

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Feb 8, 2007
11:20 AM EST
Comedy - Original