Project Validus: Survival

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Gain skills and experience as you fight to survive in a city filled to the brim with walking dead. Project Validus: Survival is a zombie blasting game which comes equipped with a sizeable arsenal of zombie owning weapons.
How long can you survive?
If the dimensions of the game are too big for your screen, increase your screen resolution.

This is my first game, I spent about 6 months learning the glorious actionscript while I made it.
Story mode is coming some time in the future.

Special thanks to Bobothehippo for his menu art and Mr Mo for sponsorship.



This game is excellent could use a storyline and more weapons like a chainsaw. yeah a chainsaw that would be righteous. other than that this game rules.

not half bad

pretty good game it gives u a little resident evil feelin when u play it and like 9 zombies are flying at you with only 2 shots with ur gun left XD

Good Game

( To The Person Before This, There IS A speed Upgrade )

Its Tricky At First, But It Gets Easy After About 5 mins. Speed Up First, Then Mellee To 5, Then Speed #2 Then When You Get Mellee To 9 Your Axe Kills Everything One Hit. The Music Was Enjoyable And Went With The Theme, Overall I Gave it A 9.

Chrispington responds:

Thanks For The Nine. Lol


but some zombies are just way to fast plz do something about that.

Fix Braun

I thought everything was great in this, the way you set up the clips so that if you reloaded them when they had bullets in them you lost those bullets, you could upgrade your character, you could get headshots, even pick your music that you kill too. I noticed someone didnt know how to work past the bleeding problem, If anyone who ever plays this game gets hit by a zombie and it says they are bleeding (lower left of your screen) your life will continually run down, click the Q button to switch items until you are on bandages you need to use the bandages to stop bleeding and it will take 5-8 seconds for your character to fully wrap himself up, while he does you cant shoot. TO THE AUTHOR: Please fix the braun upgrade in the level up sceen it says its incomplete so you cant use it in the game, this looks like a really good feature, I do use the axe sometimes and the small upgrades to your character that it would do would make it interesting.

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4.24 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2007
8:59 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional