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Project Validus: Survival

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Gain skills and experience as you fight to survive in a city filled to the brim with walking dead. Project Validus: Survival is a zombie blasting game which comes equipped with a sizeable arsenal of zombie owning weapons.
How long can you survive?
If the dimensions of the game are too big for your screen, increase your screen resolution.

This is my first game, I spent about 6 months learning the glorious actionscript while I made it.
Story mode is coming some time in the future.

Special thanks to Bobothehippo for his menu art and Mr Mo for sponsorship.

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Props for interesting storytelling, but the rest is awful.

Story is good but the game itself sucks. I don't even know the controls.

Music is awesome but gameplay is bad, annoying, and unfair. Health goes down too fast and zombies get stuck on you and kill you in seconds with no way to kill them.

It's a poor game, I did not have much fun playing this.

2 out of 5 stars!

The intro story is really good. Way better than the game itself.
Only one problem: To accelerate evolution you need shorter lifespans, not longer

For a first time game it is not bad. With some objectives for survival and a basic loot system
and small map design. These features makes for a simple zombie survival game to pass time.
But with some kinks including the hit box design which is frustrating and not needed in this format of game and the lack of content for the player. Even if its a time wasting game you still want players to be invested in the game.