Sea of Fire

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UPDATE: Thanks for the front page Tom!

Right, so anyway, most of the instructions are in the game. I would add that you can only queue up a single type of unit. Also in compaign mode there are passwords that you get every time you're between missions, so you can continue later. The password methodology is rather crude so if you figure out the "system" don't feel too proud


Programmed by MaximK


It wasn't that great but wasnt that bad either

Playing on the Normal difficulty on my first playthrough (that's how I roll) as the order of the snakes army it felt unfair that the enemy you play against has all their structures already built, but then again that would make sence since we're invading another territory. But starting out I invaded Semmo and was quickly overrun by the time I had built my defensive missle launchers and infintry barracks. Then, figuring out how to build my infintry I sent several dozen gunners towards the enemy base. But they were quickly gunned down by enemy infintry and by the time the main offensive line reached their base there was only 4 left and dying. I couldn't mount a second assult at the enemy because i was low on funds, but the enemy was still sending wave after wave towards me. Unless I'm mistaken the way the game runs is designed that we attack specific targets and regions first in a specific order.
If you make a possible sequel I beleive being able to give specific orders to units like "Dig in here, hold ground here, defend the base" would be a great tactical benefit so we aren't forced to follow a predetermined path.

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To spacepuffy


it wasn't the best game of all time. Took ideas on another flash games, we have seen this type of game more than once but it doesn't deserve a 0 it's a bit abusive...

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Brutal win

Awesome game

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very good but very flawed

the first level passes pretty easily so im thinking "this is pretty cool"
an hour later and im still watching my units destroy the same buildings over and over without making any progress. now im thinking "f#(k it" and i blew up all my stuff
watched my last units die
then rebuilt everything
then blow it all up
then lose
the problem is that it's to easy to rebuild

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4.10 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2007
7:58 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)