Sea of Fire

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UPDATE: Thanks for the front page Tom!

Right, so anyway, most of the instructions are in the game. I would add that you can only queue up a single type of unit. Also in compaign mode there are passwords that you get every time you're between missions, so you can continue later. The password methodology is rather crude so if you figure out the "system" don't feel too proud


Programmed by MaximK


fun but get old fast

should be able to speed up

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Not Bad

Had fun but i managed to beat the capital before i finished the other areas.. So it ended too soon, too bad i couldn't find a way to use most of the items they had but, over all.. Not bad.

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A little slow

I liked it, i thought it was fun and finding the right build for each situation appealed to me. However, it was a bit slow paced. I would end each battle with around 150k resources. i just couldnt possibly spend it fast enough.

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too slow

i don't like it when i am out of resorceces it will take slower than before besides i don't like it ever since i play the first level

do they?

sometimes i just wounder if the enemy has limited resources..:\

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4.10 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2007
7:58 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)