Sea of Fire

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UPDATE: Thanks for the front page Tom!

Right, so anyway, most of the instructions are in the game. I would add that you can only queue up a single type of unit. Also in compaign mode there are passwords that you get every time you're between missions, so you can continue later. The password methodology is rather crude so if you figure out the "system" don't feel too proud


Programmed by MaximK



A few things were needed but GJ.
Spellling errors, the constant, ARRRGH, of infry men. IT took me like 15 min to realize that you should get your income to like +120 or +150 and just pwn with bommers and nukes and anti- air tanks.
Nice job thought.
The pass for the final snake lavel is: C3FE3

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I enjoyed it.

It wasn't an AMAZING game but it kept me entertained longer than most do.

If you don't have much to do at the time, than this is a good game.

It doesn't require much skill, mainly some strategy.
Decide what units to send and what to upgrade, thats all there really is to it.

I liked earning new resources to create better units.

But like I said, nothing all that amazing, but still fun to play.

Pretty good.

Graphics: Pretty good. Problem was that the buildings didn't stay the same when playing different campaigns (New Hope AI had 2 different barracks).
Style: Pretty good, my first thought was "Crimson Warfare", although there aren't many good games like this out there.
Sound: Good, but got repetitive and annoying quickly. Spamming 7 airfields with bombers at slight intervals makes it get REALLY old.
Violence: Blowing the crap out of people with a variety of weapons is always violent, but atleast make people blow up when killed by rockets.
Interactivity: Good, exept it was really limited where we could place things.

Overall: good. Could have used more units, or a "survival" type mode where you have a base and have to defeat waves where every 3-4 waves you'd get a new resource. Also, buff DU shells a lot. They were useless compared to stealth bombers.

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awesome game. Only suggestion is to make buildings under construction vulnerable.

((SPOILER)) password:C3FF7

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really fun

that was really fun you should make another... and try to make it not as long as a game.. i finished it its just it took me ahwile to finish

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4.10 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2007
7:58 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)