Sea of Fire

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UPDATE: Thanks for the front page Tom!

Right, so anyway, most of the instructions are in the game. I would add that you can only queue up a single type of unit. Also in compaign mode there are passwords that you get every time you're between missions, so you can continue later. The password methodology is rather crude so if you figure out the "system" don't feel too proud


Programmed by MaximK


This will help you in the game

Everyone is complaining about how hard it is to win. So heres a way to win the game; if you follow this then the game should be MUCH easier.

On the first few games, only build 1 finance building and fill your other buildings slots with anti-tank turrets. Then start increasing your income by researching in the finance building until you get about +85 income. Then slowly replace your anti-tank turrets with any ground army producing building. After that, start sending your troops over the border to your enemy, and the enemy will be battered down.

Once you advance quite a bit and get your hands on airports, keep doing the same thing but research your income until its about +115. Then make factories for your tanks while your pound the enemy with air strikes.

Below are soem advice for both the Snake group and the New Hope Alliance.

*NOTE: If you're playing as the Snake group, research your anti-air weapons REALLY well once the enemy gets out its airplanes (unless you wanna get turned into swiss cheese) Use your black airplane to damage some ground units and your enemy bases, but leave the main fighting to your tanks (the Snakes have the best ground army).
Finally, remember: Nukes are your badass friend; when things get hot, make it hotter with a crimson nuke (as in send like 2 red nukes at once to take out enemy airports)

*NOTE: If you're playing as the New Hope Alliance, watch out for the enemy nukes (you MUST upgrade your anti-missile lasers since the red nukes can go through your defenses). Other than that, send like 3~5 stealth bombers at a time agaisnt your enemy while defending yourself with tanks, since each bomber throws like 5 bombs .
Finally, remember: Your airforces are your heavy guns; when things get dicey on the ground, send your bombers to make it rain (5 bomber airstrike at once takes out multiple buildings)

I give this game a 10/10 for its fun strategy. This game requires patience; never EVER build barracks or any army producing building until you have about
+85 income (+75 income is the minimum if you want to win)

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This really good!

Although people might say it's hard to get money, here's a tip.
Build 3 ATGM sites and fill the rest empty tile with financial office. Keep increasing your profits. until it reach 100+. Then demolish all the financial office ( Your profits will still stay 100+) to build barracks and stuff. ^_^ Now that makes the game easy huh? Keep bombing your enemy with cluster bombs and send a motorcycle unit. You'll win in no time. Or if you haven't unlock the motorcycle unit, send an infantry.

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Far too easy to get deadlocked

I've tried several times to play this game, and keep getting dead-locked on the first level. What annoys me is that I'm constantly getting all the enemy buildings cleared away, and then they create a new turret right before my final invasion troop arrives and I end up having to go through it all again - an infuriatingly slow process given how long it takes to get the money to build even the most basic unit. I agree with many of the other posters: the game needs some alternate method of gaining cash. If not the destruction of enemy units, perhaps demolishing your own building could return some of its value?

very nicwe

good job

Ok game but could be better

its an ok game but you should get money for killing the enemy

I think it is easier with the new hope alliance

If you get the gold at the very beginning it is easier to beat the game

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4.10 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2007
7:58 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)