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Protein Synthesis

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Feb 4, 2007 | 11:10 PM EST

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Author Comments

This flash is boring. Hahahaha, No Preloader because I doubt there is a need for one..

Want to learn how Eukaryotic Cells make proteins from DNA? Want to know what an intron is? Can't tell the difference between cell transcription and cell translation is? Then watch this flash*

I know most people on newgrounds dislike educational material (no offence, but everyone does, it's only natural) but I decided to put a bio project I made on the site to showcase to my teachers. It is 7 minutes long so enjoy, or not.



Rated 4 / 5 stars


I really liked this movie, and I thought it was funny how the narrator's voice was boring on purpose. When school starts, I will show this page to my science teacher, and I bet that my science class will end up watching the movie.

However, in many eukaryotic genes the introns are not useless, because the gene codes for a few different proteins. Sometimes different parts of pre - mRNA are spliced out (and an exon acts as an intron) to end up with a different protein.

Remember the beautiful Dscam gene in D. Melanogaster (fruit fly)?? It regulates the fruit fly's development, and there are 38,016 different splicing patterns. Isn't that cool?


"Diana is.... .... ..... ...ABSENT!!!!"
(meanwhile, a student steps through the doorway halfway as the bell finishes ringing)
Huh!? Oh yeah - I'm here - dont mark me as absent! PLEEEASE!?
"Fine. Half of you is here, so the other half gets detention for not being on time." (crickets chirping. Student stands frozen in the doorway for a minute) "Would the lagging half of you finish entering the classroom, please!?"


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A+ Effort and Content Gentlemen

This was one of the best projects ever submitted in in my class. You guys went above and beyond this time!

The animations are awesome and the script is solid. I am so impressed.

Just think guys, you are teaching all kinds of people about protein synthesis! You ROCK!

Mrs. P

Don-Wang responds:

My Biology teacher made a review for my animation?? Wow, Thank you! Haha, that's pretty funny.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

not bad one

that was an alright animation. if your into Science and Biology, then you should definitely watch this one. the graphics in this one were quite nice and it was cool to watch. it wasn't my style of animation overall, but your efforts were good and it was worth checking out.

Don-Wang responds:

Thanks! But who are you talking to?


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Interesting, if you have biology in school

This one's a good overview, but because it lacks information, you still need a book and basic knowledge. I am a fan of presentations with as many graphics as possible, but there must be linked with info about what happens exactly. The translation theme is too important to display it with four pictures, as an example. If you learned for a class test and watch it a day before, this one's a nice summary.
All in all i like this one, although newgrounds could need a "learning" section.
Good work so far!

Don-Wang responds:

True.. I didn't go over alot, but I didn't want to spend days on it either. I think 4 and a half hours of animating a 50 point project is enough! Thanks!


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


o_o Informative and intriguing none-the-less, but newgrounds is certainly no place for it. I gave a 6 for style because you honestly blew my mind by posting a mix of retardedness and advanced protein knowledge. o_O

Don-Wang responds:

Yes,mI know newgrounds is no place for it... and I hope when you say retardedness you mean the baby cell, but otherwise thanks!