Eggbert and Eggy in Space

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This is pretty old. I just never decided to post it.



Yeah, it's pretty easy to tell how old this is. The animation is pretty weird. I mean, it's unique so it can be good at times. It seems like when you make something with the "In Space" title you expect to have more of a series. There should have been more character development.

This was instead just boring. You can certainly make better. I guess the voices weren't bad. It was just rather dull. There's relatively little to comment on.

2 sounds for a game

these two sounds are from sppedy eggbert and this can be a new collection(blupi)

KenSkaii responds:

LOL hoooly crap!!! im so freakin surprised you recognized those sounds. NO ONE knows about spedy eggbert/blupi.

originally these characters were modeled after blupi, but i didnt wanna be stealing, so i made them look more original.

wow. thanks for the review.

nice one

that was a cool animation. the plot was pretty cool and original, nice graphics and audio, your efforts were good and it offered some nice entertainment. this one might be old, but i thought it was still quite cool.

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Not gonna lie.

I really thought it was going to be pretty good. The sound did match up and set the mood. Good plot. Everything was great, except, it was too drug out. I think I started dozing before eggy got in the rocket. Sorry, everything looked fine. It wasn't so much the length as it was how long it too to get from one thing to another. Keep up the good work though.

KenSkaii responds:

hahaha. I'm sorry but i dont know how short of an atttention span you must have to be dozing off so quickly. haaha
no offense

oh well.

thanks for watching

Cute, charming, refreshing

OK, I must admit the pictoral look isn't gonna knock Shoo Fly down with a baseball bat, but the story and plot make up for it. Music matched the mood very well, too. Pretty darn good. I'd share it with my students.

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3.37 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2007
9:33 PM EST
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