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I'm submitting this flash now after my account got deleted a while back. I am the original author of this flash, you can ask anyone in the Star Syndicate to prove this.

This is a flash based off of a review I got for another flash I made back in 05. The review was so funny I decided to make a flash tribute to it.


Your great

awesome, somebody gave a link from ed so you may see some views but anyway you took the joke to far lol

I recommend turning your speaker above zero.

Ha! That was pretty funny, It just looks really crap when the review spins away and gets smaller. Other than that, nice work.

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That was funny.

Wow, that was the most in depth review of anything ever created.

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as soon as i watched this my computer went crazy and i have a top of the line computer.i know the ss is known for hacking computers so i hope you diddnt do anything,but other than the virus thing,lol funny flash,but no more swasticas

weird, random, funny

Not much to it, of course, but it just IS funny, so I have protected it!

We do need to fix our Portal, by getting rid of a lot of crap, but what did he mean? Were you, a single author, supposed to fix the whole portal? Were you supposed to be to blame for everything on YOUR portal? Or is yout a word in some other language! lol
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Feb 4, 2007
3:10 PM EST