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The Duders: Emo Farm

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Author Comments

This was the first Duders movie I ever made. It was more of an experiment to see how flash works. Thanks to a crap mic the sound screws up here and their with volume and overlaping. Also the graphics aren't that good. Anyway I keep this to look back and laugh at how crappy the duders orginally looked.

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I don't see why this doesn't have any awards with it. Sure the graphics are old school, but the humor and characters will make me come back for more!

Emos Rocks!!!!!! and Hentay too

yea Emos can kick ass too man your flashes are awsome it remindsme of a dead emo friend of mine who got a fight with a regge guy past 3 years and he kill himself 1year later but man you help me remmember my good all friend for that i should give you a 100% insted of 10% but well thats newgrounds anleast a 10 is good right jeje make more man
atte. a good fan
pd. i am goth not emo

TheCriminalDuder responds:

Goth eh? Dude, I hang out with EVERY goth in my school. I would be goth too, but mullets on goths look funny and I can't afford the clothes. :P
Anyways, big thanks for the support. And sorry to hear 'bout your friends fate, but happy he was a good friend and memory.


i actually got a pretty good kick outta it , and tp is my fav game to ....................... even an emo can kick ass , lol

TheCriminalDuder responds:

Ahh... classic duders... gotta love em eh? :3


You supported Emos!!!Thnx.My favorite line was "Even Emos can kick ass." What does TP stand for?

TheCriminalDuder responds:

lol Wow I never expected anyone to care about this ol' thing. :P

The "TP" in the subtitles stand for "Twilight Princess" aka "The Legend Of Zelda: The Twilight Princess." it's Jay's fav game.

And of course I supported emos! They're my peeps yo. :)

'emo glasses' really made the film for me

That loop at the start/end you're using is pretty funky. A good mix of techno and country vibe. But still... DON@T HAVE MUSIC ON THE PRE_LOADER! Why can't you authors realise that some folk will load something, watch something else, load a new thing, watch that thing that just finished loading and so on.

I guess only a minority actually just sit and watch every loading screen. Some like to engage in other things in the meantime and they don't want to have the audio disturbing them.

Anyway... with my connection it's not that big a deal, but it's just a minor irritation and I get annoyed after seeing that same problem so many times. To me it's just a lack of consideration for the audience.


The white line around the play/replay buttons was a tad ugly. Not a good use of the wacky line styles.

Amateur company logos are rarely entertaining and yours was no exception.

In the first scene, you had one set of subtitles that were cut short.

The poster was kinda cool.

Most backgrounds were kinda rough and could be improved a lot.

The characters were kinda cleanly drawn, though the tweening was a tad limited.

In the scenes with the bald guy, his subtitles were almost never on-screen for longer than a second.

When the duder turned emo, that was chucklesome. I also grinned at the "emo+dark room" equation and the duder's lust for hentai.

The 'emo glasses' really made the film for me. Despite some weaknesses up to that point (specially the overlapping voices and overly quick subtitles), that just struck me as brilliant.

TheCriminalDuder responds:

Glad you liked it. Yeah, I'm trying much harder on my future submissions.

Credits & Info

4.03 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2007
3:53 AM EST