The Hotpants Collab

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It's the HOTPANTS collab! Watch as those smokin' hot pants gets it on with 8 different people!

We've worked hard putting this together, just so you know.

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Awsome music

Ya know i was a little disapointed that there werent any..."good" animations or interactivity but i still love it when people get good music like that together... btw...(not spamming) do you guys visit YTMND?? alot of the music on here is popular there...so ya just wondering...keep up the good work and get better animations XD

Paddy responds:

Well, personally i went to YTMND alot before, it got boring so i just stopped visiting. I think it's mostly coincidental that they use the same music over at YTMND but i'm not sure.


wow wat can i say...it looked good just had noooo point

Paddy responds:

Random humor is gr8 aint it?



A mans epic journey to find himself music = FUCKING WINWNWNW

Paddy responds:

Your name seems soooo familiar.


Some of them were kinda funny. Some were just...there. None of it was worth watching for more than a couple seconds at a time because there just wasn't enough content for any of it.

Some of the music was cool, I'll definitely grant props for taste. Any time that much different music is used I think it's nifty when some type of credits are included listing what the music was.

On a technical note, when you click the little arrow button to move to the next set of four, and then you watch a video from the second page, it always takes you back to the first page when you exit the clip. I find it to be very inconvenient...I wish it'd just taken me back to the second page, ya know?

Paddy responds:

Yeah, my coding skills ain't really that good, but i know what you're saying, it really bugs me too. :)

Anywho, thanks for an honest review instead of "FUCK YOU SPAMMER FUCKS", it's nice to see some change around here. And our humor is very weird, i am aware.


If you are just going to have a picture or something barely moving with sound, what is the point of it? Id rather watch sprite movies or something like that then this.

Paddy responds:

Then go do that and leave me alone.