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Mobile Weapon

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This is the Completed version!

In the world of Sios, people pilot large armoured mechs called MAWs (Mobile Adpative Weapons). Discover secrets and brave the dangers of Acero Isle in this epic online adventure RPG.

This is a sequel to the popular Mobile Weapon: Zero.

Visit www.mobileweapon.net for updates and the premium version (with more weapons, items, areas and 1 new character).

Spoiler and Walkthrough in the Forums:
mobileweapon.net/forum/vi ewtopic.php?t=1198
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I liked this game alot =D,

The graphics and gameplay are to die for so dont listen to that other guy who just wrote an rewiew.

Go on with the good work =D

Great game, but...

Personally I don't think it's money material yet. It needs to be a bit more epic then this to be worth the $15.99 or so that you're asking. I'm not saying it's bad though, just a little flawed. Battles become repetetive quite easily. Maybe more exp per kill or a weapon that shoots all enemies at once could be added. If it was me asking, I would really like to see multi-functions for the weapons. For example, with the auto assault gun you could choose to fire two shots at one enemy and one shot at a weaker enemy, or just blast away randomly or at one enemy. That would be great, and it would make battles more interesting. ~-1 to style for repetetive battles.

Also, I noticed that battles always take place during the day even when it's night, and your character has no shadow. I'll overlook that though, cuz the maw's look cool =)

Also, I think you should make a gamble feature somewhere in the game. Making money by fighting is incredibly lengthy, and like I said the battles get repetetive. Blackjack, anyone? Maybe that's a more significant function that the Inn's could use, instead of talking and guessing Donna's last name. Of course, if you did make a gamble feature there would have to be some sort of limit to how much you could bet, like 500-1000. I honestly think this would make gameplay funner and a bit smoother. ~-1 to interactivity for driving me nuts tryin to bring in the bux.

Sound? hmmm... I think you could have a bit more variety then what's available. Maybe like an option that lets you choose multiple tunes or already existing tunes. I know the game is already huge, but some of those tunes made me want to repeatedly bash my head against a brick wall. No offense, though... they weren't TOO terrible. ~-3 to sound for... the sound.

Your humor was a bit off. Rather, a LOT off. At least you tried though, so I won't be too much of a dick about it. I agree with others when they say they would like to see the characters making different faces as they speak. When they're skeptical a good "o.O" face would be nice lol. This would definitely add to the humor your trying to create (although it IS a lot of work D= maybe I'm being too critical). You could also throw in some more original jokes, you know, the kind that make you LOL and ROFL. ~-1 to graphics and -6 to humor.

Violence was meh, but that didn't make a difference. Split in half.

Overall though, a great game which provides plenty of hours of fun, nice gameplay, and the occaisonal headache ;) it wouldn't be an rpg without the headaches. Good job, keep up the excellent work and I really hope to see more improvements, who knows maybe you'll get to the point where I want to buy it too =) ~-2 to overall for the repetetiveness, -1 to overall for the headaches, and +2 to overall for sheer effort and keeping me awake until 4 in the morning playing this frickin thing.

I hope my comments/criticism helps you.

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good but not all there

good game and all, but the battles just arent entertaining after the 90th match with the same thing...

Really good,but not perfect

the battles get long and tiring after a while,and should have even more weapons and such

I dont mean to sound so mean but...

Do the enemies attack targets randomly? like 4 out of 5 attacks were directed toward jin, i just didnt understand why he was constantly targetted. Also, why must so many battles be so drawn out? Nobody really does anything inturesting, why does it take so long to do nothing. I kinda wish i could buy some neat abilities, since it gets so tedious to just attack over and over and over. Especially since it takes like 5 attacks to kill one monster. Im used to finding a lot of neat treasure, but i suppose it wasn't a bad thing that there hardly was any treasure, since it really makes you appreciate it. Nobody really said anything inturesting, but its hard to find something surprising like that in games nowadays. Lastly, why is it that i have overdrives for a "MAW" that i dont actually have yet. Shouldnt there be a skill bar for each person to each maw? the longer they pilot the maw the more moves they get for it. That would at least be pretty inturesting. I'd pay for a game like this if it were made to be longer and more inturesting.

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4.28 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2007
7:46 AM EST
Adventure - RPG
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