Unforgotten Realms: Epi7

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==Unforgotten Realms: Episode Seven==

Edit: Thanks for the front page Tom, if I was a woman and you were single I would totally let you buy me a drink and pretend I was interested.

I would suggest watching the episodes in order but who are you to take orders from me. Screw that watch this episode.

I rewrote this episode right about after Christmas. I decided it was time this cartoon infacted looked like a cartoon and with the help of Dogman-Senpai and my brother we re-did the look. Another fan who goes by the slick name of Wuschell also made a sweet intro song so this episode pushes my would be animating skills to it's limit. With that in mind, I also knew that ever since episode four, people told me they liked previous episodes rather then newer ones. I went out of my way to try and make this funny on so many different levels for so many different people. From the hardcore D&D fans, to the internet gaming addicts and then back to just the common guys who likes the funnies, hopefully this cartoon has something in it for everyone.


I love you!

I only discovered this series last Sunday, but it made for a good morning when I watched 'em all in a row. I wasn't sure of the status of the series, but to have a new one come out so soon makes me very happy!

I commend thee! Keep up the greatness!

Damn if that ain't true

I just watched all the rest of the series yesterday wondering when the next one would be out. That was quick. This one just turned into a WoW spoof, but damn if it isn't true. I'd say it made the players look stupid, but...they do that to themselves. Let's count which stereotypes you nailed. 1. All female characters are actually guys. 2. One person will always be some whiney little kid. 3. Always some guy with an accent. 4. The vast majority of them are idiots. If you can't tell, I've played that damn game before. Getting that out of the way, on to the actual reviewing. The graphics really did improve and I like how you showed the transition between styles in the intro. The crappy original style added to the first part of the series, but now it's evolved into something with more of a storyline and different characters and stuff that deserved the better graphics. As always, the voiceing is amazing considering it sounds like you do all of it. The humor in the series has gone from pure randomness to more of a situational humor and some running gags. I'm not saying it's not good, it still is. It's just that the series has changed so much in seven episodes. So, all in all, the movie was an excellent addition to the collection and I hope you get more out soon.


Yes, much better!
Last time I made a commet about the "odd" graphics, and now like them! And the "intro" in the middle of the flash was nice! Great taking up the old graphics , and transforming them ;)

And did he just say "Gesundheit"? lol ^^

Good job!


you made the graphics better and the theme song is awsome. You still have a good sense of humor. I dont even mind the very repetetive delinquent, which didnt really make sense half of the time it was used. Oh and for the /Gquit Joke your humor is at 10.

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This is what I've been waiting for for quite some time, and I like it. I LOVE the new theme song, and everything about the episode was just excellent. The only complaint I'd have about it is that you kept reusing the same jokes over and over again, but other than that, it came out great.

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Feb 2, 2007
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