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Author Comments

FRONTPAGE & DAILY! Thanks a lot Tom and everyone who's helped!
*NEW UPDATE* Lockpick game is easier and the dreaded coin problem is gone.

One year in the making Hewitt is complete & is the most epic adventure game we have created since 'Griswold the Goblin'. Help Hewitt find a girl for the dance in this awesome adventure RPG

*WARNING* : This game may take a while to complete!
: Low Quality recommended for slow computers

Please vote and leave reviews. We will try and respond to as many reviews as possible.


Hewitt Walkthrough

Grab the car keys(on the floor), the CD(on the CD player), and the Gam-O-Tek(on the pile of clothes.)

Combine the keys and the key chain

Leave the house and drive to school.
Talk to Nugget then go left and pick up the flowers in the vase.

Look at Casper and then talk to him. DONT skip the lock picking instructions.

Now go pick an onion to the left of Casper under the tree.

Enter school, go straight, right, and now look at the open locker and then pick up the papers inside. Go to the inventory and take the clip off the papers and now click the clip 4 times.

Now take the bended clip and use it on the Room 21 & now click the little lock things

Now enter Room 21, look at the giant hamster in the cage, pick up the magnet and the jar.

Exit the room, go right, up, talk to Mary Beth, go right, put the magnet on the fire alarm, and go through the exit doors.

Talk to the hobo, go back inside, go left, take the rubber band off the tree, and enter the boys bathroom.

Talk to Skippy, pickup the soap in the sink closet to the door, leave, take the boys and girls' bathroom signs, switch them both on each other's doors.

Click on the actual boys bathroom, talk to Skippy, combine the Gam-O-Tek and the hacker, go right, down, left, enter the room on the left, and go left again.

Talk to Ms. Aventez, pick up the gum by the plant, go right twice go down, go left three times, talk to Chris, and click the Gam-O-Tek on him and beat him.

Combine the knife you won with the onion, go to Mary Beth, click the onion on her, take her eye drops, go to Ms. A., combine the eye drops and meat, give the meat to Sean, and get some more food from Ms. A.

Go outside the school and go left 3x, look at the dog, take the meat, put it on the street sign, get the movie tickets, go up, click the carrots on the bunny, go down, go up, and take the roadkill.

Go to the hobo, click the soap on him and then the roadkill, use the jar on the dead bunny, go home, click the fly jar on the frog, click the frog, and go back to where the hobo was, and climb up the ladder.

Go right, talk to Harold, click the frog on him, beat him at frog hopping, go left click on the door with the fire warning on it, turn both valves, pick up the quarter by the ladder, and go back and talk to Harold.

Go to Anastasia, put the gum on the water fountain, take the vile from her remains, and combine the vile with your fly.

Go to Ms. A, talk to her, click the tickets on her, enter the kitchen, cut the pig's head with your knife, open the top drawer to the far right to get a cord, take the cheese, and exit.

Go over by the bathrooms, go left, go up, talk to Kathy, go down, and enter Mr. Boggard's office.

Shut the door and pick up the quarter behind it, put the cheese by the hole, click the laptop with the cord and CD, now go back to Kathy and give her the CD.

Go talk to Ms. Bates, go back to the hallway outside Principal Boggard's office and then back into the bathroom hallway (you might have to do this a few times), eventually you'll hear someone yell.

Go to the left by Mr. B's office, click the mouse, go back to Ms. B and talk to her, go back to the hallway with Mary Beth, combine the flowers with the rubber band, then combine the flowers with the ribbon to make a corsage, and combine the pig and mega fly.

Go back to Harold and click the pig fly on him, he'll give you the code to the lock with the yellow lock by Kathy.

Go back to Kathy and click the locker to the far right in the 2nd row and put in the code, look at the picture, and take the quarter.

Go to Nugget & talk to him, go to the vending machine, insert the qurters, click the paper weight on the papers, go left, talk to the parrot & then pick him up, open the cabinet, click the paper weight on the ink, and then combine the stanp and the paper.

Go left 2x, look at the coat then pick it up, now combine the coat with the parrot and the parrot with the paper and click Ms R. Now click the can and give it to Nugget and he'll teach you how to dance. When you're done to go home and watch the last clip.

Congrats you won!

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I like the game but it is impossible to do without the walkthrough, and for a gamer who doesn't like to have to resort to such things, this is not such a good idea. Also, I had a problem with the locker and the combination lock. I used the combo given in the walkthroughs but couldn't open the locker. Was i supposed to talk to someone before hand or get something specific? At that point I was so fed up with the game i just quit. It was way too difficult, too many little tiny details that have to be done in perfect order.

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this sucks

how coud u et out of da house?

this game was so boreing

its impossible without the walkthrough, and even with it the game takes too long, theres no comedy or anything so its just vere bland and boreing

So great that the few flaws stand out

This had great style, full voice acting, great sound and was long enough to make you feel like you'd accomplished something. In fact, if it weren't for a few quirks it'd be straight 10s.

...but the quirks, oy vey.

Movement is a little stop-motionish and it's very hard to know that there is a valid exit in the wall you've been walking into. Some subtle blinky arrows when you come close would have been excellent. I tried leaving in different places several times only to be foiled by the invisible wall. In fact, I assumed that there wasn't a room. I had to use the walkthru to find out I was wrong.

The puzzles are clever and fun... when they aren't insanely obscure. Getting the eyedrops as an item requires having looked at everything, not just interacted with them. (A short video might have been helpful here.) Realizing the eyedrops are a solution requires that you know why they would be a solution, and it's not the first thing that comes to mind for most people. Near the end I all but gave up on trying to figure out the puzzles.

Instead of making us look at everything, why not use a short video to show us or have a watermarked overlay of the magnifying glass on stuff we should look at?

Here's hoping you do something like this again, but with the kinks ironed out. I had a lot of fun but it would be a favorite if it were smoother.

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Credits & Info

4.19 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2007
6:46 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click
  • Frontpaged February 2, 2007
  • Daily Feature February 2, 2007
  • Weekly 2nd Place February 7, 2007