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Thanks for front page, action games, and daily second <3

A colorful, fast paced dodger with Bees (ZOMG) and some excellent music from Dan Paladin's cd!

Arrow keys or WASD to move.
Dodge other Bees and collect coins for points. Getting health when you're full will also add points!
Thanks Dan for the fantastic music.

The background changes colors as your score rises! And don't forget to submit your highscore and bee the best!!


Kid, u have a weird imagination

And no that is not a bad thing... the game was fun... pretty fun... ok I'm done gj!


Pretty Good

This game was engernetic with its music, simple and fast paced in gameplay, and it was great. Keep up the good work.

Nice cool game!

This game was fantastic. The idea of the game is simple but was executed professionally. It was of high quality. It had good graphics which were simple but were funny. The sound matched the game and suited it well. The way the bee moved to the buttons was good as it moved perfectly to the buttons.

To improve it, you could add more graphical of a background so it seems as if they are going through the world and eventually to space something like that could be quite cool. Another thing is to add a story line to make the user 'feel the game'. Also, if the user could attack the bees for more bonus point that would be good.

But overall, it was really good.

(Review Request Club)

Simple and fun

Quaint and cute. I liked the instructions haha. This game gets really hard really fast and I liked it a lot. The only reason I didn't give you a 10 is because the enemy stingers looked too much like coins when things stared getting fast paced and you didn't have any type of weapon to defend yourself. It can still be a dodge game, but add some shooting and it would be more popular. Like a radioactive bee with infinite stinging capability. Animation was great and the controls were very on point. Good job!

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but stupid and yet so fun and addicting.......if this game had crappy graphics id blow a whistle on it but just cuz it got good graphics and kewl music its awesome.....the addicting gameplay is wierd thougghhh.................make another one wher ur a monkey running through trees and u can throw stuff at other monkeys by picking them from trees

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4.09 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2007
4:30 PM EST
Skill - Avoid