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DOWNLOAD THE SONG HERE : itunes.com/koit/touchingt hewinky

This flash represents the strange imaginings of 1 warped individual and 2 accomplices.

They build a pit to rid the world of "pesky" females.

*Please note that this in no way reflects my beliefs or opinions regarding women.
My mate came up with the idea of a pit as a means to rid the world of murderers and paedo's etc, but then it evolved to encompass everyone........so here's that vision !



Twisted or what?

And people, stop posting "Why make a flash movie about killing people for no reason" Christ. I bet you lot play shit like GTA which is just die die die.

I think I made my point, now keep it up!

koit responds:

Very good point Sir.

But people forget the films they watch, the games they play, or even the music they listen to (re : gangsta style rap)

Apparantly animation isn't the media for this type of content.

Hmmm, Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, Road Runner and Wile E Coyote..........

Oh no, apparantly it does happen in cartoon format too.


creative and cathchy

Wow, that was pretty interesting. I liked it. The tune was very catchy. goodjob, keep it up.

What a nice, feel good, little movie.

To actually take the time to make a flash about shoving women into a pit, to die, tells me you probably have some issues. Good luck working those out.

koit responds:

Indeed. Perhaps getting them into animation form might be the needed antidote ?



Oddly entertaining. I do like the song, nice and catchy.

koit responds:

Cheers matey

Glad you like the song. I put some effort in and so it's nice to be recognised for that.

i don't know...

i don't really know what's the point in this movie?

koit responds:

There needn't be a point mate. I bet not everything you do in life has a discernable point ?

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3.62 / 5.00

Feb 1, 2007
3:56 PM EST
Comedy - Original