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Comedy - Original

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Feb 1, 2007 | 3:56 PM EST

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This flash represents the strange imaginings of 1 warped individual and 2 accomplices.

They build a pit to rid the world of "pesky" females.

*Please note that this in no way reflects my beliefs or opinions regarding women.
My mate came up with the idea of a pit as a means to rid the world of murderers and paedo's etc, but then it evolved to encompass here's that vision !



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Made me smile a fair bit and chuckle a few times.

If folk have a problem with this but not Wil E Coyote and whatnot, it's maybe because this animation has (an attempt at) realistically drawn humans. Films don't generally use the violence in an attempt at humour. Though I suppose those who criticise this, then kill innocents in GTA are hypocritical.

Anyway... just playing devil's advocate...

Your self portrait (I presume) at the start is great!

The snigering at the start made me chuckle.

The characters in the movie itself were a bit rough, but enh. Functional enough. I think David Firth's graphics share some qualities, so you're in good company!

The music was probably my favourite part - such an upbeat melody and tempo for a macabre subject! Are the instruments all synths? It sounds like synth violins and beats. I liked the way you added in the choruses and background vocals and the violins reminded me of a country jigging tune. You had a great drum roll around half-way through.

I don't really like random violence, but the violence here was carefully calculated and directly at odds with the upbeat nature, so as to cause me to chuckle.

I also liked the fact that you had subtitles.

Made me smile a fair bit and chuckle a few times.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


nice i myself love girls but they are bitches to so cool make a sequel on how the girls feel goin down tht would be halarios doit


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hilarious, clever, and overall a fabulous animatio

Honestly, this is one of the most clever, hilarious works of animation i have ever seen. Clearly, the reviewer before me does not realize that this is just a flash, not something that might actually happen in real life. I enjoyed this flash very much, the song being the most incredible aspect of this.

The animation was crisp and fluent throughout the entire flash. It was a great visual to go along with your song. Speaking of the song, the sound in this flash was incredible. First of all, the song that you featured in this flash was really an amazing song, it was really clever and the lyrics were pretty comical. Also, the other background sounds, such as laughter and crying, were crisp. There was some violence in this flash, but it almost added to the humor. This entire flash made me laugh, I really enjoyed it. Also, i enjoyed the subtitle feature that you added in. I can now memorize the lyrics!

Overall, and incredible flash complimented by an incredible song. Thanks for the enjoyment!


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Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


Well i saw the 'sick'.. i think i missed the funny parts or something though... or did you mean the part where the girl's bone is exposed and she is crying that the last 25 years of her life were a meaningless smear that was going to end with being starved to death in a hole with rotting bodies.. and then the man with missing teeth smiles as he comes down to cause her unimaginable physical pain? Because if that was the funny part, the timing must have been off or something because I didn't get it.

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koit responds:


If by "Puppy Kicker" in the job description part of your profile, you mean to be funny, then the timing must be off or something because I don't get it.

Hypocritical methinks.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Sick and funny as hell XD. Good job