AN Escape Series #1

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WALKTHROUGH: http://www.afro-ninja.com/walkthroughs.php

This is the first in a series of escape mini-games I intended to make. Well, other things came up after finishing the first one so I'm releasing it for play. I'll return to these later this year.

PS- Be sure to explore EVERYWHERE



Good game! Try to beat my score : 1:30min!!!!

1:30, woo that shit was intense

on my first try, it took about 17 minutes. second onei got it in 1:30. that was extremely hard to figure outt he first time I GIVETH IT A 10/10! amazing game.

Pretty good game...

But I got desperate!!!! not because it was a bad game but cus I didn't know what to do!!1 though I didn't want to give up and I continued playing and did it in like 22 minutes :S Then the next time I did it in 1:44 lol. Really good game in my opinion, it made me feel like being in the saw movie. Something I think could be better is making the game more logical maybe, I mean it is but it was a lot of clicking in everything with everything I had other that realising what I could do. Keep up the good work.


It really was confusing at first then i read the walkthrough and i helped a lot. Very fun i made in 6:12


totally psychadellic dude

DUDE I LOVED THIS it was really awesome the whole game and i only had to look at the walkthrough once so it was the PERFECT difficulty for me and i also liked the eerie ness of it cause i thought maybe that all of a sudden i would be attacked or something... idk but thats my thoughts ... and keep going with these they are great well this one is... 10\10

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4.12 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2007
9:29 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click