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Tom Fulp Experience

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Author Comments

The following is a followup of the film "Bill Murray Experience" and a means of expressing the collective gratitude of the Clock Crew towards Tom Fulp taking on hosting responsibilities for our home clockcrew.cc, please watch the first movie if you haven't already seen it before watching this one. Sorry for the large file-size.

EDIT: Much thanks for front page :o

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Wow... That was strange, liked the Bill Murray and Cyndi Lauper at the end, found myself being reminded of the secret ending to Bioshock Infinate.

Wow that was awesome who knew Tom Fulp had such an interesting life outside Newgrounds?

Heh nice

Just going back and watching some of the stuff on my old favorite list...cant believe i didn't write a review on this one...i must have been to drunk to do it the first....errr 20 times around or so. Ah oh well as i am downright semi sober now...fantastic job all around, good work, and most fantastic work of transitions.

When you use Bill Murry in a flash...you just gotta step up and hit all the 8 iron you can...and boy you got all-a that one!

Pssss im a Bill Murry fan.




I Don't konw wgat the hell the cat has to dowit it, but awesome man!