Rapid Reaction Master

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OMG!!!! Frontpage =O!!!!!! I cant believe this ^_^.just to say "thanks" isnt enough :) thank you Newgrounds! thank you Tom! thanks to all people that made this possible =).I cant really describe how i feel! this is so good ^^ More will come!

New Version: 1.1!
-Less Random time!
-Fast Paced! Runs at 77 fps!. Other versions ran at 72 fps
***IMPORTANT*** You win prize points by completing the main game. You can use those points

to unlock minigames and other stuff in the prizes section

This is a fast paced reaction game, where you will have to beat each level in the lowest

time possible. Your time is counting in milliseconds, so dont waste time, all counts!

I started this project 2 months ago, thinking that i would finish it in a week... but 2

months later, i added 3 levels, 4 practice levels, 3 minigames, awesome graphics, 3D models

and more!.

New and original gameplay
3 main game levels
Save and load your game automatically.
Awesome sound effects and music
3D effects, Particles, shaking system and bulletholes!
Top 10 scoreboards! by Armorbot.

Sponsored by Armorgames
Enjoy and thank you so much for playing, i really appreciate!

-tomylee =D


Very nice.

I have to say I liked this submission a lot, It's a very interesting concept. I thought the graphics and sound were decent, they are about what you would expect from your standard flash game, maybe better. But the style and interactivity is where the game really shined, quite different from all of the other flash games out there. Though, if you make another game in this style, I would suggest you make it a bit more complex. (More parts to the gun, more assembly and such.)

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kinda sucks

Nice graphics, but no delivery. this is not a fun game.
got bored after 3 minuits.


It was good, I guess...

Armor games rides again

Armor games has always been great but THIS JUST TAKES THE CAKE! seriously tho, 258 is 10th place, i cant even get in the 300s, lowest is 438 or sumthing, man i suck

Truely Original

A great game, especially one a gun lover like myself can enjoy. the Idea Is really unique and the phraise "thinking outside the box" continuesly springs to mind. there is only one minor drawback to your game...it seemed a little boring, not the game just the context. this would make a great tutorial for a combat game, than having to put the skills to the test in a combat zone. the choise of the Socom was also a good one. I say Good, because it's an interesting gun, but perhaps a
more renowned gun, or intricate gun like the M1911 or The desert eagle.
if you'd be willing to level up, got to assult rifles like the AK-47 or the
M16A2. in short, this game will be the begging of a reveloution of in gaming experiances and games all around...Truely Original...

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3.68 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2007
6:22 PM EST
Puzzles - Other