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Rapid Reaction Master

rated 3.68 / 5 stars
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Jan 29, 2007 | 6:22 PM EST

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Author Comments

OMG!!!! Frontpage =O!!!!!! I cant believe this ^_^.just to say "thanks" isnt enough :) thank you Newgrounds! thank you Tom! thanks to all people that made this possible =).I cant really describe how i feel! this is so good ^^ More will come!

New Version: 1.1!
-Less Random time!
-Fast Paced! Runs at 77 fps!. Other versions ran at 72 fps
***IMPORTANT*** You win prize points by completing the main game. You can use those points

to unlock minigames and other stuff in the prizes section

This is a fast paced reaction game, where you will have to beat each level in the lowest

time possible. Your time is counting in milliseconds, so dont waste time, all counts!

I started this project 2 months ago, thinking that i would finish it in a week... but 2

months later, i added 3 levels, 4 practice levels, 3 minigames, awesome graphics, 3D models

and more!.

New and original gameplay
3 main game levels
Save and load your game automatically.
Awesome sound effects and music
3D effects, Particles, shaking system and bulletholes!
Top 10 scoreboards! by Armorbot.

Sponsored by Armorgames
Enjoy and thank you so much for playing, i really appreciate!

-tomylee =D



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


It plays like a high quality arcade game which is great! Its got a great frame rate... no a brilliant frame rate and brilliant sound and great graphics. The gameplay....... not as great but it is still a great DESIGN CLASSIC.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


DAMN this is a VERY unique game, and I like it very much. Please do make more! The only slight problem is the buzzer. I'm being timed for waiting for the buzzer? Ummm well then what if the buzzer takes forever to go off?? Still, it's an awesome game.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

A well-rounded skill game.

I liked this enough to give it a good rating, bu I will share some criticisms:

1. The clock keeps ticking, even though it might take a long time for the shot buzzer to sound. If this game is keeping score based on how quickly we complete tasks and react, why are we penalized because we had to wait 5 seconds for a buzzer to sound? My last run was almost 1500 because I waited for the damn buzzer for so long on level 1! It's either a game of chance or a game of skill, but both seems kind of pointless.

2. The Tutorial would do good to have simple example animations, I was a bit unsure how to do things at first. It is easy enough to figure out, however, but just for the sake of completeness, save the frustration for performing tasks well, not performing them at all. If part of the difficulty of the game is to guess how to do the tasks, why bother attempting to give a detailed explaination of how to play?

Well, enough bad things: This was great as far as scripting skill and animation speed. Was this at 60 FPS? it looked great and ran fast on my slow machine, even in High Quality. You certainly know what you're doing as far as getting results out of Flash in all circumstances, and it is rare to see that. Keep that philosophy in mind and you'll go far! I'm keeping an eye out for your next version of this.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Its definatley the next gen reaction game.. its not ur abvious find the button and push it game,(thank god for that, this world doesnt need another). the trigger button is a bit tricky tho, maybe its just me, but i found i had to click rapidly at the finger. everythin else was A+++++!!!! if there was more than 5 i would vote 7.

9 Graphics->nice and smooth, no lines out of place, good us of colour and good detail. and it doesnt hurt your eyes to look at.

9 Style->This game hasnt been done before to my knowledge grats on that. and click/drag movments to load and reload gun is briliant.

8 sound->Nice and clear, no guessing at what sounds were, because there wasnt anything but a gun i didnt here any people screaming, good. but some music would be nice.

5 Violence-> Well, aside from a gun, which today isnt that violent. theres no decapetating people, people losing their guts or brains, or getting cut in half. so its not that violent.

10 Interactivity-> Again, having click/drag to do actions on the gun (like in real life u dont just push a one click button and *poof*, u need to pull back, slide a clip in, cock the gun, and trigger happy you go)

0 Humor-> obviously not supposed to be a comedy, so its self explanitory.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

me likey

my god, never befor have i seen anything like this- it is as far as i can tell completly new! the amount of things you could do was increadible, and i loved the mantinence thing. all my fiven!

lemme load a klashnikoff plse, and any other guns u can think of
mebbe make a shooting game where ur gun can jam, and every time it does u have to fix it
can't think of anything else...other than music...


tomylee responds:

Thanks a lot for ur review!
Yeah, i will make a SharpShooter game, with the socom model, and other guns! i made a Panzerfaust model and some machineguns :).
Im glad you liked my game ^^
-tomylee =D