Rapid Reaction Master

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OMG!!!! Frontpage =O!!!!!! I cant believe this ^_^.just to say "thanks" isnt enough :) thank you Newgrounds! thank you Tom! thanks to all people that made this possible =).I cant really describe how i feel! this is so good ^^ More will come!

New Version: 1.1!
-Less Random time!
-Fast Paced! Runs at 77 fps!. Other versions ran at 72 fps
***IMPORTANT*** You win prize points by completing the main game. You can use those points

to unlock minigames and other stuff in the prizes section

This is a fast paced reaction game, where you will have to beat each level in the lowest

time possible. Your time is counting in milliseconds, so dont waste time, all counts!

I started this project 2 months ago, thinking that i would finish it in a week... but 2

months later, i added 3 levels, 4 practice levels, 3 minigames, awesome graphics, 3D models

and more!.

New and original gameplay
3 main game levels
Save and load your game automatically.
Awesome sound effects and music
3D effects, Particles, shaking system and bulletholes!
Top 10 scoreboards! by Armorbot.

Sponsored by Armorgames
Enjoy and thank you so much for playing, i really appreciate!

-tomylee =D



Interesting concept, but you MIGHT wanna check your timer for the actual scale; I'm old and slow and my hands are cursed with palsy, yet I managed to complete the Maintenance section in (supposedly)254 *milli*seconds - to put it another way, that's 0.254 *seconds* or less than A SINGLE SECOND. :S

The 'reloading' and 'strip down' process might be better served by some attention to accuracy - previous reviews have noted corrections there (some more politely than others).

The firing stage makes me wonder if your game-mechanics are correctly set up: it *appears* as such - the stage is started with the 'get ready' message disappearing, and then after a random period of time, a buzzer sounds telling the player to fire. HOWEVER, the timer begins *when*the*message*disappears*, and doesn't stop until the player fires. This number is noted in the 'score' window.

However, if one is measuring a player's reaction time, the timer should start *when*the*buzzer*sounds* and stop when the player fires. Otherwise, you're tacking that *random* amount of time before the buzzer onto someone's score.

For example, someone with lightning reflexes may be able to pull off an '8' time, but they have to wait 70 before the buzzer sounds, while someone with the reflexes of a decaying sloth (like me ^_^) might take 24 to shoot after the buzzer sounds, but if it's only 30 from start to buzzer, edging out the 78-time quickdraw artist with a 54! :S

Anyway, the music was very appropriate for what was being done, and seemed to give a decent 'vibe' for what's being done.

Violence got a 'not applicable' score (not BAD) of 0 due to the nature of the exercise; same with humor.

All in all, it's interesting and has potential; with some of the more constructive suggestions adopted, I can easily see this getting up into the four-ish range; thanks!

Oh, and suggestions of 'simplify loading/etc into just a click' kinda defeat the purpose of the whole thing - it's testing one's ability to perform a complex series of actions quickly; regardless if they're actually what's involved in loading/stripping of an semi-automatic pistol, reducing the actions to a single click means it's even less meaningful than the FIRING stage, and totally *redundant* since that stage tests raw reaction time (hopefully).

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overall it's a good game but improvements i would recommend are
1. having reload with a button press instead of all the moving parts around (i got bored of it because of that)
2. have some targets to aim and shoot at to make it really entertaining

and a personnal note to snipahZ - not everyone is a homocidal maniac who walks around with a gun on them you loser so theres no need to slam a relatively good game

A great concept, but some weird execution

You started with a solid design idea, giving people the opportunity to basically play with a gun in a flash environment.

My major gripe with the flash itself is that you don't exhibit a lot of knowledge of firearms. This flash could be used very practically to teach NG users some basic firearm safety and maintenance. The problem is that your understanding of how firearms are built and operated is slightly flawed.

I know it might sound like I'm just slamming your flash but the truth is I enjoyed it and see a great amount of potential to make something that is both entertaining and educational out of it.

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tomylee responds:

If you want to learn about guns safety, dont look at my game... it is done for entertainment only!.
You can actually learn how to kill some minutes of your life with my game =P.
And i do know about fire arms >=D
-tomylee >=P


wow man first off, do you know anything about guns?

and seccondly the game was crap, poor idea, and even worse exicution, the gun (the socom) was horribly traced and the fills were horrible as well. And for some reason the "reload" involves attaching the tactical LAM to the socom and cocking the slide...
needs work all around

the game itself is like 5 sec long, make more options, more guns, ACTUAL RELAODING, better graphics, blah blah blah.

its fairly sad to see so many good rateings on such a waste of time.

not bad.

there should be something fixed though

when the games sounds the alarm for you to shoot they shouldnt be at different times. that just makes it so the lucky people who get 3 right in a row without waiting make it to the top 10

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Jan 29, 2007
6:22 PM EST
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