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This is just a preview for my upcoming flash, Tetris Unleashed 3. At the speed TU3 is going, I realized it wont be out for awhile, so I made this to raise awareness of it. This is more of a Teaser, seeing as it has a bunch of random things flashing by, so don't draw to much of the plot out of this little preview. Enjoy! (Oh, and be sure to leave a review, I always respond!)

© Jimtopia 2006

Note: This is an updated version of the original preview, I fixed A LOT of quirks I noticed in the last one, here they are:
-Runs Smoother
-Replay Button
-Button Loading Screens
-More Active Characters in the Characters Section

Anyway, Enjoy! :D

© Jimtopia 2007


its ok to play

The game is actually pretty fun to play


Jimtopia responds:

Tetris? Yeah, it is.

I liked it

I thought that it was pretty good but it could be fixed. I would make the bios appear for at least 5 seconds longer. I would like to think of myself as a pretty quick reader and I couldn't read the bios in the short ass amount of time that they are on there. Other than that minor issue though I think that it was excellent and you definetly need to post in the RRC when you come out with the final version becuase I would love to see it.

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Jimtopia responds:

Well, cool, glad you liked it. Look for TU3, coming...eventually!


For a teaser it was okay, it didn't really explain what it was about. The text for the chracters went way to fast to read but the graphics were really quite cool. You should make a proper trailer to get more poeple to watch the real one.

(review request club)

Jimtopia responds:

Yeah well, I didn't know so many people would want to read those, I would've made them last longer. Anyway, thx for reviewing.

Looks nice.

I can't really make too many suggestions, as this is just a preview. But I can always try!
Graphics: I loved the way you gave profiles to the differnt arcade characters, it looked really nice. But the only thing is that you may have moved throughout the profiles a little fast, I never got much tiome to read the jokes.
And the main character, I have to say, looks terrible. I hope you improve on him for the full thing.
A team of old-school game charcters all encorperated into a single flash? Yes please.
The music was great, fitting into the flash and setting the mood without annoying anyone.
Cant comment on something that was not there.
A play button and a meny at the end. Basic.
Looks, not only funny, but very cool. I hope it wil be humourous as it looks.
A nice start to your movie, I have to see the full thing when it comes out.

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Jimtopia responds:

Sadly, the "main character," Jim is not changing, he is my MAIN character, he has stayed about the same for a year and a half (almost 2 years actually) and is not changing. I'm sure I'll improve on him as time goes on, but for TU3 he is how he is.

above-par teaser, but I hate teasers

I liked the Lunar Lander abilities.

While you were showing the characters, it all flashed by too quickly to read, then the ending seemed relatively slow (specially the masking on the 'tetris unleashed').

Pacman has a little white line. No biggie - just mentioning.

It could've been cooler if the text of the enemies kinda scrolled in or something...

I found it cool how the rotating enemies looked rather good, despite only having 4 frames.

The coloured character seemed like he could use a tad more work. Consider shading and maybe make the lines on the scarf a shading job, rather than using those bold lines for them.

Numeral '3' seemed a bit crappily drawn. If it's part of a fontface, you should maybe have tried drawing a better '3' yourself.

After watching it, I did go back and read the text, aided by the flash menu. It seemed like you had a cool idea, with the different games fighting each other. Not sure if I like all the weapons you added though.

Some good graphics, but in my opinion there's not really enough here to enjoy. No truly spectacular graphics for a graphics showcase (though the green rotating figures were really well drawn) and not really enough glimpses of the plot or action for me to enjoy that aspect.

It's an above-par teaser, but I hate teasers, as that's all they do - tease. They don't really let me go all the way to satisfaction, yaknow?

Jimtopia responds:

A very fair review, thanks for taking the time to write it. glad you think the characters were well drawn. I couldn't get rid of that white line on Pac-Man BTW, it just WOULDN'T go away! Urrgh! I got very frustrated by that line. Anyway, thanks for your review.

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Jan 29, 2007
5:08 PM EST