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Road to Victory: Teaser

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First of all, yes, this is another WWII movie, and yes, this is a teaser, having that clear, let me start.

This is my first submission, and this is my first serious animation, i just made little practices before to learn how to do tweens and stuff.

I want to make a series about WWII, i always wanted to, but i need some help (at the end of the flash are the things i need the most).

I made this teaser mainly because of that, hoping someone get intersted in the project and in helping me.

Enought of chit chat, i hope you enjoy this. Cya

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well if this is a teaser that implies that there is more to come after this so where is the next flash!?!?! its been 2 years i really think that even though you have probably given up on the idea of doing a WWII flash series by now you should still give it another go! It was amazing and with a little bit of elbow grease it could easily make a great launching point for something that has never been done on new grounds... A good flash series on WWII. on the specifics though it seemed a bit bland at times and a little bit solid however one GREAT aspect of this flash is the Sound Effects... they were perfect and sequenced right on the dot with the animation. But again there could of been a little bit more detail over all and at times things seemed to be to boxy at some points. Other then that great flash and if you have any future endeavors into the realm of WWII in flash I would be more then willing to help you out with story idea, Historical facts (I am a WWII buff), Voicing sound FXs ect.

Very good

This is an excellent example of why war isn't one of the best places to be. War is hell, and when you're in hell, you're going to wish you were out of it. I really like this animation. Reminds me of Saving Private Ryan. Gore, blood, and fear that the soldiers meet on those beaches.

The reason why I didn't give a 10 was because it didn't show much of the Germans except the bunker and the machine gun. You should have like an angle of view from inside one of the bunkers. Also, there wasn't much yelling or people on the beach. It was mainly showing one person and then showing another.

I find a great future within you. :)

Falco-09 responds:

Yeah, i know that there's a lot of stuff missing, but frankly that all i could do at that time. Thanks a lot for the review. =)

You have skills

This is quite honestly amazing. Horrifying, but still amazing. Great work on the animation, could use improvement, I will admit, but still beautifuly done. I can't wait to see what you do next.

my eyes are watering...

my eyes are watering...
that was such a good flash...
it made me cry because there was so much death and pain...
i just thought about how many died because of crazy, greedy, stupid people...
and how many familys lost loved ones...
and even today in this war it makes me sad...

Falco-09 responds:

Thanks for the rev. I'm glad you liked it.


Everything is nicely done and animated.maybe it is very silent, maybe it would look more like a battlefield If you added bullets flying everywhere and constant shaking cam effect.
The rest is perfect.