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Madness Elimination 5

rated 3.99 / 5 stars
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Jan 28, 2007 | 10:34 PM EST

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  • Madness
    Madness Watching dudes beat the crap out of each other has never been so fun!

Author Comments

Another Edit: ME5Se was stolen. No worries, I am making something to replace even the stolen one. It was stolen by a faggot named JimmyDot. I am making quick recovery with a even better animation to make up for it.




Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


Dude, you made a 5th? didn't you say that Apothesis was the last one!?!? btw it had pretty much nothing new that many of us on NG wanted to see again, it was jsut another guy thats been.. shot... stabbed... grenaded.... sliced.... maybe raped (a lot of stuff). Why dont you spend time updating or creating a new game where u can throw guns and impale the enemies. Make the game realistic. Pce.

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Splurgle responds:

Apotheosis? Dude... This is the funniest review.

1) I am not Krinkels.
2) There is a 6TH Madness movie now.
3) This isn't a game.
4) Why did you embarrass yourself, man, now I feel bad for you.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


Originality for criest sake. WHY must people make "Tributes" or pathetic remakes of flashes what were good for a reason. WHY? Because they thought up the idea themselves, they started from nothing. But people who make crappy-ass tributes continue to think they can carry on "The spirit" of Madness by making cheap-off remakes of it.

A tip to you, think something up by yourself. Jesus.

Splurgle responds:

Well, I could do what I want with flash, and I've stopped making madness. Wee-wee!<3


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

no feet &gt;:(

the feet keep disapearing. Otherwise it was pretty good.

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Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I told you once before!

You have to stop making these madness fan-fiction submissions, get yourself a innovative concept. The framerate was almost unacceptable, and the characters and the whole set was boring; there was nothing that could hold my attention for more than 30 seconds (considering that most everyone in this generation has an attension span that can only be measured in nano seconds).

Graphics: 5. standard madness visuals provide very dull viewing experience.
Style: 0. your madness presentation is very standard, usually about a mysterious man who wont stop dying and is bent a killing some mob leader who commands dozens of agents, soldiers, officers etc. nothing in this flash is anything short of a madness tribute.
Sound: 7. Sound was fine, nothing I didn't peticularly like about the music or sound FX.
Violence: 8. The gore was fine just because you know, its gore! Although there weren't too many things that you couldn't get out a Krinkels flash; but I did like the chainsaw ; ).
Interactivity: 0. No interactive segments therefore I cannot grade you on interactivity (though it wouldn't be a bad idea to add one).
Humor: 0. No humor incorporated into the flash makes this that much more unoriginal. If you review some of Krinkels work, youd see that that each episode of madness has its own abstract personality. Think of it this way, pump your characters up more and show that they have charcteristics (make them wacky, hyper, angry); dont rely on biographies in the menu (which by the way has a bug).
Overall: 3. three seems like a fair review for your submissions in many ways. for one thing, you have to break away from the madness tributes; Madness is WAAAaaay past its prime you have to understand that! You have to create your own ideas, your obviously good at flash; dont abuse it by clogging newgrounds with these piss-poor Tributes to madness. Lastly I trust that you take the reviews on newgrounds seriously, the NG users are you harshest critics and biggest fans; they have alot of good suggestions and opinions.

Splurgle responds:

Out of most of the idiots saying

"U suk go die"

your criticism makes sense, therefore brings a smile upon my face! <3


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

WTF is this

I dont really want to say this but . It wasnt that good it was better then what i could do but it just terrible
walking sucked when thier was feet.
They ending was terrible and to fast so 3/10