Madness Elimination 5

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Another Edit: ME5Se was stolen. No worries, I am making something to replace even the stolen one. It was stolen by a faggot named JimmyDot. I am making quick recovery with a even better animation to make up for it.



Something is messed up!

Why does the eliminator get alive at the end of the movie and be roaring like a dinosaur? I also didn't hear any music after the helicopter came into the house. This movie mad weird. I heard other people want madness elimination 6 but how will it come out if the gangleader died!

Splurgle responds:

There is NO Elimination 6. It's called Elimination 5 Special Edition. I am remaking this because it sucked. Capish?

Ummm not the best

I have been watching rip offs for quite sometime and it makes me sad when someone makes a crappy one and I hate to say it but this stunk you could have made this a good experience but you didnt you could of added choices to the story or stitches or something but to not even have an ending or a to be continued is just wrong to madness to NG and anyone else who had to watch this next time add your own flavor not this dime a dozen crap!!!

Medeocre at BEST.

Not at all good, but not nececceraly bad. In many cases, you forgot to add the feet and the hands. And madness charaters dont walk like that...at all. I also saw that you tried to imitate scenes from the original madness series. You failed...HORRIBLY. but you do get a five for good graphics and animation. The animation was good, it's how you executed it that was the problem.


Not up to standards at all... Went far too slow, nothing new, and come on, no one comes back that much...

maso menos

la parte del ceredro ya es fictisio

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3.99 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2007
10:34 PM EST