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Rush 2.0

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A fast-paced maze game that I made in my spare time.
Thank you to Lee I. Garnett for the cool music, and a HUGE thank you to Harry for helping me out with the code. Also thank to all my friends in school who helped to test it, and thank to Sam and Patrick for certain ideas. Complete in Hard mode to see a secret level.

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Nice but......

Like the previous submission said, you need some stuff to make it more unique and distinct. Give it a theme or something, add to the out of bounds walls or hell give it bullets somehow, people love violence. Maybe make the walls electric fence and the cursor as a person or something. ALso it was annoying how if u lost u had to go back to the start. Nice work overall tho nice and smooth

Leonave responds:

What? you don't have to go back to the beginning. Even in hard mode, it saves your progress at levels 5, 10 and the bonus level. But, as I said previously, I will work on it, when I eventually get back to developing Rush.

Pretty Good

It's a shame, but really, this same sort of thing has been submitted a million times before.

The gameplay is pretty solid and I think you're level designs are better than most of the other games like this.

However, in order, to really set it apart from the others, you need to make a nice interface and good graphics. You've already got the programming now, so just invest some time into making it look pretty. I don't know, maybe make the ball a person or balloon or plane or star or something. Give the levels backgrounds - maybe make it so you're controlling something from a birdseye view and trying to get them to the exit. Make the walls part of the environment, and make hazards part of the environment too, like, make a series of levels a factory and the walls are electrified and there are buzzsaws flying about, or something to that effect.

Make it so the player can change the music, or turn it off entirely.

And make a cool title logo and a smooth and likeable menu screen. If you do all that, you're bound to make a great game and probably get front page.

I'd really be interested in helping you, if at all possible. My e-mail is ChillehGod at gmail, in case you want my help, though I don't think you need it.

Leonave responds:

Thank you for your advice, and I will improve the graphics in the next version, but I'm taking a break from developing rush, as I have spent too long on it, so I am going off to do another game. But when I do come back to it (which I will) I will heed your advice. Unfortunatley, I'm not very good with graphics, and can't afford photoshop. But if you are good with graphics, my email is superbungalow21 at gmail, so please tell me if you have any experience in graphic design, and I might get back to you one day, thanks.

nice indeed

a very original game, i think

Leonave responds:

Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked it, and I hope you enjoyed playing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Really had me hooked

Very good stuff indeed. I found it to be very addictive, and found myself playing for quite a while. I can't really think of how this could be vastly improved - it's really good as it is.


Leonave responds:

Wow, thank you very much, my first 10/10, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Very good

Addicting and fun! Good work. I especially like that if you lose, you start at the same level. Good job!

Leonave responds:

Thank you, but you don't always start at the same level, only if you are on easy. You are clearly a n00b! lol. Just kidding, thanks.