Balloon Burst!

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This is a game where your aim is to shoot balloons and, by doing that, earn some fine looking score!
I know that there are many balloon games out there so if you think there are TOO many of them, well then, don't play this game.
There is a timer counting down, but there are ways for you to earn more time.. anyway, you'll see.

If you have suggestions on how I can make this game better, then I would appreciate if you shared them with me.

Have fun!



entertaining for some time....good concept......gr8 for practising mouse-skillz ;)
buttttt........u should add some powerups or stuff like that ;)


~Unique combos (instead of just three or more of the same colour, sequence)
~Nice graphics

~Very repetitive
~Balloons move way too fast
~Sequential combo a little too difficult to acheive.

Maybe instead of balloons with X's, why not have birds or something that you can't shoot?

Hope I could help.



a good game, fun & somewhat addictive. I pretty much played until my hand/eyes started hurting. you know, from not blinking & from massive amounts of clicking.

good game ^_^

pretty good!

like the smoothness fo it, dont change a thing (maek enemys attack you? pah!) but yea, i got 357890 as a score... it was this or smoke weed... whichi im goin to do anyways. thanks for the 5 minutes of non-sense fun!

Not bad but needs alot of improvement

That game wasn't bad and all but here are some suggestions:
1. more weapons like a shotgun that has a good spread to pop multiple balloons at once

2. more lvls. Everyone agrees w/ that right?

3.Make enemies attack u to lose health b/c shooting a black balloon & lose a life........No

other than that that was good game 7/10

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Iceflass responds:

Thanks for the review. I like the shotgun idea. I also agree with that it needs more levels. I will probable make second version soon.

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3.41 / 5.00

Jan 28, 2007
12:06 AM EST
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