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Author Comments

EDIT: Here a brief summary of my intended meaning, as I gave it in one of the review replies:

"The first scene is intended (however badly or not this was implemented) to show the beginning of mankind. Then we have a town, and the man walks through a rapidly developing city with his briefcase. Then we show the gun for the first time, and we soon have the propaganda-ish monotone man running into battle with the gun, leading to the destruction of the city, and civilisation as we know it (inluding the death of the man himself, representing the death of humanity). We zoom out and the Earth is unchanged.

In retrospect maybe the AK47 was a bad choice of weapon, as this is generally associated with terrorists, but that wasn't really its intention."

This was made in a huge last minute rush for a Graphic Design deadline at school. I won't give a synopsis so people can draw their own conclusions.

It's been "optimised" for web viewing, and to be less cpu intensive, so excuse the occasional compression artifact and divx logo, and perhaps a little out-of-syncness. If people like this I'll find somewhere to put up the full version. Anyway, hope you enjoy it, and please comment to let me know what you think.


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I liked it.

Very nice use of google earth and actual filming. As far as animation goes there wasn't a whole lot but what there was, was pretty decent.

Good song, it sounded like there were some sound quality issues, but perhaps that's just the way the song is.

All in all a nice piece of work, good job and good luck on your next project :)

johnm831 responds:

Thanks :)
I'm not aware of any quality issues with the song, except it had to be compressed a little meanly to make the whole thing suitable for the web.

Anyway, glad you liked it.

good one

that was a pretty interesting and unique animation. the graphics in this one were quite good, nice audio and it had a pretty good and original concept to it.
nice job. it was nice.

johnm831 responds:

Hey you're the guy with like 10000 reviews! Anyway, thanks for the comment, glad you liked it.

Interesting concept

A really unusual mix of media you've got here, but it works really well. I have to say that the business man and some of the other animations weren't fantastic but they did look like what they were supposed to be. I haven't seen many movies like this on Newgrounds. Maybe more people should mix in different medias when they're make their movies. It's very experimental and that's another thing I like about it. Hope you got a high grade for it because it does deserve one :)

johnm831 responds:

Thanks a lot! True there's some aspects that maybe I should try and improve on, but I'm glad you liked the mix of media etc.

As for grade, I ended up with pretty much full marks for the final animation, but got dragged down to a C since I hadn't shown near enough preparation work... -_-

For what it's worth...

I didn't get much out of it, but I wouldn't be too harsh on it because I reserve harshness for pieces of crap, and this wasn't too bad. BUT if you do make any flashes in the future, I hope they'll be better.

Maybe if you do more animation than a stick man walking down video-recorded settings your future works will be worth looking forward to.

johnm831 responds:

Yeah this wasn't really about the animation, it was about conveying what I wanted to convey, which is tough when you have one night to make the thing. Thanks for the comment, anyway.

Decent, but....

It feels really artificial, there's no flow to your animation. The graphics were good, except for the silly looking mannequin guy. The sound made my ears bleed.

Overall, you have potential, you're just not putting effort into your projects. If I were your teacher, I'd give you something in the range of a B - C+

johnm831 responds:

Thanks for the helpful comments. I'm also not too happy with the "mannequin guy", but it was the best I could do with the limited time, to "say" what I wanted to say.

Grade-wise, fortunately, they're pretty easy to please so hopefully it will do better than that.

Credits & Info

4.11 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2007
7:17 PM EST