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Baby Pies & Aliens

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Update: I forgot to say that I've finally been able to update the Self Pity website. I had to remove some flash movies, and now everything mostly links to Newgrounds & YouTube. Not all of the links are fixed up just yet.
But if you want to see Sean & I's live action crapfest called "The Ecstasy of it All", head to the website and check out the "Films" section.

It's been awhile since my brother Sean and I teamed up to do a flash movie together. Well, this time we teamed up to do two flash movies.

Since they're both short cartoons, we thought we should just put them together in one flash.

Baby Pies is based on the Greek myth detailing the events of the birth of Zeus. We kind of took it and retold it in modern times. The result is... weird.
Sean animated the backgrounds and the father. I animated the rest of the characters. I think this is the first time when both me and Sean animated one cartoon at the same time.

Aliens is just a goofy cartoon we came up with on the fly, telling the story of an alien race that has come to invade Earth. But due to inadequate intelligence of their leaders, the race is instead lead to doom by the hands of the American government.
Sean animated everything in this flash, but we both wrote the "script" and voiced it.

Anyways, just watch the movie and tell us what you think. Oh, and yes, we know our animation isn't the best around, but if you've known me and Sean's work, you'll know we've never been about the animation.

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oh baby pie!

give me a baby pie!


aliens was hilarious but baby pie should have done with pie
and, long live the alamo! . . .


Been a fan of your stuff since I first saw, "Silent Poon." Alway's good to see new content from ya. Hope to see more.

That bear was some funny shit by the way. Plus the President with his " The bomb's are in the air. Hallelujah!" That was good too.

EricSullivan responds:

Nice to see a long time fan. Thank you for watching my movies. :)


Clearly the most important flash ever made.

EricSullivan responds:



the baby pies one was so random lmao. He jus goes all crazy and eats the baby at the end lol. Well ya, the Aliens one was funny too, haha nice job, 2 cartoons in one :P <3

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Jan 26, 2007
11:14 AM EST