The Wrath of Benny Hill

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Essentially, it's the same thing as my first Newgrounds flash, The Wrath of Dicey, but with some key differences.

The Benny Hill Humour Theorem clearly states that any video, whether funny or sad, will instantly become hilarious when sped up and played to the Benny Hill theme song.

That's exactly what I did.

Anyway, please leave a review and tell me what you thought. Thanks.

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Very funny!

Benny Hill does make things funnier, as proved by this hilarious flash submission.

Flameviper responds:



I thought it was ok but your benny hill theory is wrong, its not really that funny, excpt when he bash the planes together

oh and theres nothing wrong with using benny hill music

Flameviper responds:

I guess it's only funny if you saw the first one... Or maybe if your body contains so much cugar that anything is funny. And I agree with your last comment. Have a nice day!

Noble Experiment, But...

Sorry, amigo, I was tuning into the first tune, and then it switched on me... It's like you're dancing with a girl, it's nice and slow, and you're closing in on each other... and then some clown turns the tune into the Mexican Hat Dance. Didn't work for me.

Graphics were pretty meh. The jet fighter pick 'n flick was funny, but that was about it.

You are trying, though, and that's what stopped me from blamming. Keep working and try again.

Flameviper responds:

Ah. My favorite kind of review! Insightful, proper mechanics, a LOL analogy, and you don't act like you're God. Now for my response!

Thank you for this review. It made me laugh. If you wanted to see the actual movie (without the goofy soundtrack), it's under my other submiddions (Wrath of Dicey). Thanks, and have a nice day.

Quite Nice

I liked it, plain and simple... The music was a nice touch, both songs ;)

As far as improvements, You could beef up the graphics in a few places like the entrance scene and when the cube first leaves. Other than that, graphics were excellent, and I especially liked what you did with the view points in the jet fighting scene!

Flameviper responds:

Thanks. This was my first Flash, so I was just learning how to use things (of course, by the end I was a master). Have a nice day! :)

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Jan 25, 2007
5:26 PM EST
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