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Tana - Demons

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Part 2 of 3.


Awesome idea, god-awful sound

Very creative, great use of still frames. The drawings and animation are high-quality, but the sound is pathetic. Could be one of the coolest series in the portal with better sound effects.

Great mise-en-scene

This series is good all around. The artwork and style is good for the most part, animation isn't too bad either for webwork. I love the lack of dialogue and the stillshot photo-moments that recurr throughout the two movies. Definitely ranks above most work out there.

This is pretty good.

I like the way the series is going. Keep it up. I'm looking forward to the next episode.

Lookin' good

Hey, i like the way this is coming out. The artwork is great, and it's animated well. But do you have to use stock sounds? most you use don't fit right with the movie. You could try searching for souns from somewhere like wavcentral.com or something, or have to make them yourself. Just ask around for some help, i'm sure they'd be willing to help with great work like this.

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this is a flash masterpiece!!!

As was the fisrt episode, this is one a masterpiece, the graphics are excellent, the story is very enigmatic(which is good) and so are the characters. The polaroid tree was a cool and original idea...but the way i understand it, the whole nudity thing is either a way to beg for high votes, or it's part of the whole angel thing because angel are known not to wear much. the animation was excellent, the way she kills those 2 demons is quite cool...I don't think that people understand that using little to no sound effects is quite good for this kind of movie, because obviously, most of them don't know shit about art & style. I have a question for Damian though...at the end it is written to be concluded ...does that mean you'll only make one other episode? you need to make more than three episodes!!this is the kind of material that should be in the portal top ten submissions....

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3.96 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2000
12:39 AM EDT