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Wow, front page and daily second. Thanks so much :D!

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Get fired out of a canon, and stay in the air for as long as possible! Power-ups increase speed, rings give you points and rocks slow you down. The less speed you have, the harder it is to stay airbourne against gravity. Hitting the ground will end your flight.

SPACE - Aim and fire cannon
ARROWS - Move while in the air
Q - Toggle quality
W - Toggle foreground visibility

Rolling over endgame screenshots will expand them.


nice one

I liked it. the music is great, but the sound when he's hit or any thing is kind of ruining it.

LOL great fuckin game

The soundz really getz ur attention but it kinda getz annoyin after a lil while....good anywayz

Loved it

This game really shines on sound more than anything. The voice acting is hysterically laid back. The meager applause and "No!" make me tear up laughing. The music adjusting with the player velocity is really clever and the tracks chosen are perfect.

Graphics and all that shit are good, too.

More please.

great game !

I couldn't get the hang of it at first but manage to figure out how I can go alot futher in the air, thats a great game !.

This will be in my top 5 of Coolest games in NG!

I want to congratulate you on this awesome game!
I got 2nd place for now!
Thank you very much to get the opportunity to play such a wonderfull game!

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3.84 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2007
1:38 PM EST
Skill - Toss