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Oswald 4

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Author Comments

Oswald is up to his mischievous old tricks again.


Very nice

Animations was so well-done, voice acting was good, and the music did a great job at completing the package.


The graphics were pretty good for the style you chose. But, I didn't really -like- the style. The story and the character don't seem to fit that minimalist style, as you called it. One, I get the feeling that the story is supposed to have a 'creepy' quality to it. Therefore with the repetitive, lullaby-like dialogue, it should have more visual interest to keep the movie from going from suspensful to boring. Two, the robot voice really ruined the movie. Every time I got pulled in a little, I would get jerked out of it by the harsh robot voice and I would remember that you must not have wanted to spend the time to find a decent voice actor. Overall the style only detracted from your movie.

I got a chuckle out of the gorilla(?) and the rooster(?) beating up the guy. That was pretty much it.

The victim at the end was much larger than Oswald, which confused me and again got in the way of just watching the movie. The victim also had less detail than even Oswald.

I can see why some people say this flash reeks of David Firth fan, and in some ways I agree and some I don't. But notice:
-One eye larger than the other to give a lopsided appearance. Very popular in many high-scoring flashes.
-A calm/emotionless voice to describe things that would ordinarily be disturbing. DF's trademark on NG.
-The character is mentally childlike (see how he talks in similiar, simple sentences, like a lullaby) and is generally unmoved by good or bad things happening to him or other people. Detatched.

It was an okay flash. I think you could do much better. I look forward to it. =)

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Ghosty22 responds:

The victim had exactly the same amount of detail...

It kind of bugs me that people refer to his voice as a "robot" voice... But I guess I understand why, because of the singular tone. I made it like that because I wanted him to have a voice like a child, but also, as you mentioned, I wanted it to have a disconnected feel to it. Almost zombie-like... As if he was in a trance or something... I've never actually seen a "Children of the Corn" movie, but I want to say that I was going for that kind of feel.

I can't say that DF didn't influence me when I first made this series, because it seemed as if the newgrounds community liked the weird and bizarre. I think originally I was trying to make a more magical world that was about childish imagination, but somehow I slipped into the creepy stuff. But I wanted it to feel more "magical" and child-like than "crazy" --as you would find in David Firth's stuff.

Yeah... I was looking at the original first episode earlier today, and I was trying to figure out why that episode had a more interesting, less bland, less dark, less lifeless feel to it... I think it's as you say; the backgrounds just got less interesting and elaborate. Somehow that depresses me.

Very good.

This was well done, and props on the self made music.

Too bad it's too firth oriented.
It basically is salad fingers combined with sock dream.

Good job though.

Ghosty22 responds:

And so Oswald was forever harried by the curse of Firth...

So no one is ever allowed to use a minimalist style because Firth did it?

That makes me sad...


Wow i loved the song!

I think that the main idea is good...with those little quotes and thing...
But the strangeness of the character reminded me of Salad Fingers...too similar...

But the song was so cool!
It fits perfectly for the video
Where did you get that??

Ghosty22 responds:

Where did I get it? Um... I went over and picked up my guitar, and like... Played it into the mic...

If you want to use it, I'll upload it to the music portal. Just let me know which part you want.


I got to admit. At first I thought it was another sucky kids animation. Turned out to be pretty good.

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Credits & Info

3.97 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2007
3:52 PM EST
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