Dishoom VS the Butcher

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Dishoom Kumar thought life was good on the farm. But when a local butch makes off with his harem of sexy chicks he knows he's the only one who can save them.

Written by the Badmash team and animated by yours truly!


saw this with no sound :P

speakers are not plunged in...(electricity problems)

so i watched this just for the animation reasons, not 4 the sound :P

anyways while watching this, i knew what was going on, but was disappointed at the end, i actually thought that at the end he *regains couscience, and looks at the butcher's knife, and at the second the knife goes down, but of course the scene blacks out, not showing the graphic picture of the roosters head being cut off, but by using (sound) puts in a shriek from the rooster... etc THE END..

i actually that was going to be the end, but then again, i watched this with no sound at all :P

I like it, but not as good as others

I remember during '04 when "Who Wants Some Dishoom" got on front page, and I was laughing my heart out when i saw it. Now with a bit of the same style, "Dishoom VS the Butcher" just doesn't get that touch. you tried to do stuff with the exact kind of style like your other flash, but this was the same thing, just minimalized. try making something next time a bit different from "Who wants some Dishoom".

Great style! Well-arranged and creative!

Hey, i can't argue with a good movie! You got talent, and the gratuitous bollywood sensibilities in a loony-toon like submission?

Great work. seriously, hope your next submission isn't so... purposefully divisive.

Oh, as for the whole general "we hate PETA" sentiment? It's kinda equal parts PETA being asses and drama queens. I mean, sure, they've done great work towards advancing the humane treatment of animals in society and whatnot, but somewhere after they reached their pre-stated goals... somebody went nuts.

I mean, it's one thing to break up cock fights, shut down inhumane kennels; it's another to start breaking into a pet store to liberate the puppies and throwing buckets of blood on people leaving a Burger King. (Not that you can call what they serve there "meat", but i digress)

I've seen both sides of the coin. It's a sad fact that humans are designed Omnivores. It's beneficial for us to consume animal proteins, (regardless of what some sketchy scientists may spout about intestinal length, we're made to eat meat and plants.) Eating too much of one or the other can have negative health impacts, so it's best to just eat a balanced diet.

But back to my original point: Great movie! hope you submit more, preferably without any organization sponsering you!

Mark2000 responds:

I think the question is can you live without it. Some can. Some can't. I have for 10 years now. My daughter doesn't eat meat and she's very healthy. To each his own. But also realize that something suffers so you can have some extra protien and iron.


actually peta has been responsible for fire bombing building that do animal testing insidentaly killing people and animals in the process, they are considered a terrorist organiation also i didnt watch ur movie yet but it looks good

Mark2000 responds:

PETA is not a terrorist group. They never blew up anything. You're thinking of the ELF (Earth Liberation Front). And ELF has never actually hurt a person. So you're wrong all around.

hey dont mess wit a butcher holmes....

seeing that ive witnessed wat an actual butcher could do to a freakin chicken (ive worked in a meat market for 2 years of my life) it wouldve been no contest..sure a rooster got talons and all but when a butcher comes at em with a foot long blade that could cut thru a can of corn like butter...then were gonna be havin chicken for supper....plus i agree about PETA...bunch of people who jack off to farm porn if ya ask me...but it was a good flash ill give ya that

Mark2000 responds:

Its funny how angry people get at PETA. They aren;t the best institution on Earth, but they've never done anyone harm. What is it about killing animals needlessly that turns people on and makes them so defensive? Does it make you feel like a big man to kill small animals? That makes you a sociopath, my friend.

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Jan 22, 2007
1:17 PM EST
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