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Dishoom VS the Butcher

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Dishoom Kumar thought life was good on the farm. But when a local butch makes off with his harem of sexy chicks he knows he's the only one who can save them.

Written by the Badmash team and animated by yours truly!


Great but dont sappourt the cause

PETA has its good points and bad points. Good, stops inhumane animal treatment such as cock and dog fights. But syaing humans shouldnt eat meat is kinda a contridictory. Do you not realize other animals eat other animals? Humans are mamals that means we are animals to. Why should we be expected to go against nature. I think anyone(or gorup) who tells a person what they can and cant eat is a sidistic control freak. If PETA went after all carnivor animals to tell them to stop eating meat then id be fine with them. But we all know that doesnt work so they should just shut there mouths and let us live how we want and them live how they want.

Wow… all you anti-PETA people just calm down!

I really enjoyed this flash. You did a good job, and you seemed to make a good point on PETA. I am, for lack of better words, appalled that people would react to the PETA organization in such a harsh way! I, for one, do eat meat (if only as little as possible)… but I still think that PETA has very good moral. There should be no reason that this flash should get anything less then an 8/10 just because it stands for the rights of creatures who cannot defend them selves. Any who has written poorly about this review, I ask you, have you actually just sat down and think about what it is your commenting on? There is nothing wrong with this organization, but if you truly have abhorrence for it don’t let that decide whether or not this is a good flash! You should really feel bad, for your rude and spiteful comments do nothing but harm peoples regards on your personal beliefs! I for think this was a good flash!

Good job, and my apologies for those who are too hard headed to apologize for them selves!
-Mi Chota


me love chicken n its good to c such culture (my culture) in flash

Pretty good..

Chickens delicious..almost as good as veal..the murder makes it delicious!


until the end. While I was watching it, I loved it. A fucking rooster that goes and saves a butch of his bitches from a butcher. That weas fucking brilliant. But then the ending just sucked and it ruined it for me. But still good.

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3.88 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2007
1:17 PM EST
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