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==Arrow and WSAD Keys to Move, P to Pause==

Collect cubes and avoid the explosive mines to work your way through colourful levels and set a highscore!

This game is incredibly graphic intensive. Please set the quality to low via the pause menu for older machines. :)


Tricky but fun

I really liked the 3d feel. The controls were tricky, but easy to grasp after a bit of practice. Only problem I had was when I finished levels and ran into mines as the next level started. Im a loser, I can admit it haha.




I loved the three dimensional gameplay, i reckon that has spiced up this game a lot. The mines were a great idea and really made the user think when they had to collect the items. It was alittle difficult to get the hang of controlling the ball but because of the simple first level it gave the user enough time to gain an understanding. The sound effects were good and my personal favorite was the land mines. Overall that was a good game that was a treat on the eyes.



^^Good Points^^
A very cool three dimensional game. You showed a good graphical skill by having three dimensions, and it also must have taken a bit of programming as well. The game works smoothly and was pretty fun to play.

^^Needs Improving^^
The controls were a little odd. I always felt as though the W and S controls were a bit too sensitive.

Great idea and good physics make a fun game

At first I hated this game, but after I got used to the controls (hint: 'A' and 'D' also work for left and right) I really started to enjoy it. On slower computers, turn off the particles and set the quality to low.

The biggest negative is that the music gets repetitive quickly. A smaller problem is that the high score table seems to be hackable.

Overall, this is a really addictive game. Good work!

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3.60 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2007
8:34 AM EST
Skill - Collect