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Awesome daily 4th! (First award)
and Front page (thanks so much!)

My 8th game, thanks for all the suggestions from everyone! This game has taken me 4 months to complete now and is sponsored by MaxGames.com!

Auto save: All of your progress will be saved so you can close the window and come back again later.
Custom Level Designer: Make your own puzzles to send to your friends.
Mini Music Player: if you don't like the music playing, change it to something you enjoy!

- Controls -
Arrow keys to move game pieces.
Space to change selection.


Good game !

very nice game.

I got really bored, really fast.

At level 17 i just quit, not because it was hard, but because it was too easy, and slow. I've played this same style of puzzle game before, but for some reason yours was just boring.

At the beginning of each level I immediatly figured out the puzzle, then I just had to take the time to move the balls.

I would have liked it better if you added a mode where there is a countdown timer, which would have made getting medals more meaningful.

Still though, alot of other people enjoyed this game.

nice game

that was a pretty cool game. the auto-save was nice... especially if you progress quite a ways and want to come back later and continue on. the game itself was a lot of fun.... highly addicting. the idea/concept was a little basic, but it did have a nice challenge to it and it was a nice way to kill off time.

Extremely Challenging.

After lvl. SwapBack, I just gave up. These are very very hard. It's such a brain teaser that makes you want to think. Very nice. I though if I can press spacebar I can deal with one color at a time, but I deal with TWO (and maybe more in future lvls). It's very cool, but frustrating. I like it though.

Excellent Job. 4/5

Very Good Game!

Very Well Planned and provides a Challenge!
Good that you can change the music, i like that!
great tat it stores your game data! i'll be coming back to this one!
Well done mate!

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Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2007
8:32 AM EST
Puzzles - Other