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Counting Sheep

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Author Comments

So you can't get to sleep, huh? Why not try this, then see how tired you are? Please review on ways to improve. Now with Background and music changer.

Thanks to your reviews I have now updated the movie as far as I'm going to update it for now. I've also MAJORLY decreased the music file sizes.

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very well done!!!!

This is the best flash in the world!!!!!

Not only cuz you used my music! ;)

Cuz counting sheep is fuckin awsome!!!!

I got up to 4,000

is that a high score?

haha Jk's

Well, You should improve on the backround and and stuff......

Shoulda made it so you shoot the sheep and don't let them cross the fence!!! >=)

Maybe a sequal! lol


great job and i loved the music! (you picked a horrible song that i made awhile back but what ever......ha ha)

keep it up man you rulez!!!

Shadow181 responds:

lol, yeah thanks for the music!


i could never make anything on flash even close to this.

6 on graphics cause it was just so-so..
5 on style cause well.. the graphics
10 on sound because you had one especially good track on there... ;)
0 on violence cause.. ..
3 on interactivity cause hey.... you're couting the sheep aren't you? lol
2 on humor cause.. iono, i thought it was funny that someone made a flash about counting sheep. :)



Great concept, done well. It makes me sleepy!

The old "counting sheep" done in flash. Just count the sheep as they jump the fence. There is a counter if you loose track of the sheep you've counted.

Listen to some pleasant music while you count, or choose a country or city sheep.

Lost's of fun, well done.

Good idea.

I'm not sure many people would use it to actually help them fall asleep but it's a funny concept.

As many others have said, more than two backrounds would be nice.

Some people find certain sounds more soothing than music, such sounds of the jungle, the ocean, a creek, birds, ect... So in addition to music you could put some of those in there.

Also as far as music goes, some of your choices weren't what I would call relaxing, I find Motzart relaxing personally, perhaps some music more like that?

Better animation, just watching sheep and stars rotate isn't enough. You need to give the eyes a whole lot more to do. Instead of the stars rotating you could have them flicker in seemingly random intervols. Also the occational shooting star would be nice.

As far as the sheep go, their running should be a little more realistic, and a tiny bit faster wouldn't hurt either. Their jumping also could be more realistic.

Perhaps you could put some trees in and have the wind blowing them back and forth ever so slightly?

Some additional landscapes could be different times of the year, for fall you could have leaves falling from trees, for whinter you could have snow falling. And for any season the occational cloud floating by wouldn't hurt. Maybe more for different seasons?

Mix up the sheep a little, don't make them all the same.

As I said this is a good idea, it just needs some refinement. Hope I helped and good luck on your next one :)

Very Nice.

Although I'm not quite sure what the main goal of this submission was, but I liked it.

PROS: The graphics are quite nice.
The sound was krisp.
The delicious aray of music provided was great and went great with the flash.

CONS: The flash lacked depth.
The nusic could've had an 'Off' switch.
The sheep were quite bland, an attire option(Clothes, Apparal)

Overall a very entertaining flash submission.


Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2007
6:22 AM EST