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meditation is good for U

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Author Comments

Everyone should meditate so they can shoot psi-balls.

Feel free to leave reviews, all reviews are answered.


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Sorry Tuan, you seem like a nice guy, but I have to rate this one lower than the other one I commented on, because like everyone else before me has mentioned, these entries are virtually identical. I don't know what to tell you.

How about this, i'll give you a new story. Darth Bauer is sent on a mission to stop international terrorists from taking over a bomb factory. So there's some terrorists in helicopters who arrive at the bomb factory and CTU calls Darth Bauer from his DeathPlanet to once again save the world. stuff happens, some explosions and cuss words, then spider-man fights a man-spider, then harry potter fights some hobbits followed by a little irish jig by Darth Bauer.

There, now you have a new flash to work on. =D

tuan69 responds:

Yer, that's actually my original shooting script. But I realized it wasn't PAWNGEXZZ enough, so I made what you have just watched.

Again, thanks for the review!


For all things decent, stop this wretched non-sense at once.

You aren't funny, submitting the same flash over and over really gets on people's nerves.

PROS: None.

CONS: Its been done at least nine times.
Its annoying.
The graphics are horrid.
The sound was also horrid.
The movie never had nor will have, any humor whatsoever.

Overall a very stupid flash submission.

0/5 Bet you didn't see that coming did you?

tuan69 responds:

I'm psychic, of course I saw it coming.

Thanks for the review!


Is bad voice acting part of the... the 'it'?

I liked your graphics. They weren't the best, but you could've done much worse. I enjoyed it.

Not bad.

tuan69 responds:

LOL thanks man!

I hope you have lots of sex and have heaps of children.

Thanks for the review!

If there's a decent 24 reference in here,

I have yet to really find it. I'm finding a lot of movies tonight that share the same problem: Decent graphics but lousy story. In addition, the sound kept cutting in and out. Yes, I'm sure one may say that CTU has a lot of "bitches and asses"; but the joke fell flat. Plus, your Bucker Jau really had little in common with either Jack Baur or Darth Vader. If you hadn't made it clear that that's who the character was supposed to be, I wouldn't have recognised it. Good satire is funny because it's *true*. I'd eyeball 24 and Star Wars a few more times and get to the bottom of their many plot holes and story inconsistencies in my next film.

tuan69 responds:

AHAHA you think my flash has 'decent' graphics?

Thanks man, it means a lot to me.

Umm... yer. My flash does suck indeed!

Thanks for the review!


I'm not allowed to tell people to blam a piece of work (as badly done as it was) so i ask everyone to think of a word that sounds like "LAMB".... ohh look thats an anagram to!!! (how clever of me:)

tuan69 responds:

Here's an anagram for you: You are Sith!

Thanks for the review!

Credits & Info

2.38 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2007
12:14 AM EST