Ida's Luck - Part 1

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A strange, silent little girl turns up out of nowhere on a stormy day with only a name tag to identify her. Luckily, a kindly older couple takes her in, but for Ida and the people of Catterwall, this is where the luck ends. It seems everywhere Ida goes, misfortune is soon to follow. And it's about to get much worse.

Part 1 of 2.


Intriguing but not dazzling yet

I am quite interested in the continuation of this story.

It is quite appealing but overall was not trul exciting.

I don't know what I'm expecting because I had no expectations.

It's good, don't get me wrong.

It's just personally currently not my favorite until I see the sequel.

I'm not sure how I truly feel about it until I see the second part.

It can go either way; My favorite or my most disliked of your work.

It fits the lovely style you do in all your "Little Girl" Flashes.

The Style of the Artwork is very possibly at its best in this flash.

Well until part 2, peace, god bless, and keep flashing us viewers.


A stunning piece of animation. Congratulations to the author. I look forward to part 2 with antisipation.

Nice. . .

I liked it, good work. It kept me entertained, kept me wondering, and it made me wanting more when it was all said and done. Ya got to let me know when the second one is out dude. I see no way to improve this more the only reason you got an eight outta ten or 4 outta 5 is because I hate it when things come out in parts and I have to wait. That doesn't mean though it wasn't damn near perfect it's just my own personal hate on the subject. Like I said, good work.

excellently made flash with great potential.

i liked it alot, its very hard to find a flash that long which doesn't bore the living shit out of me and not only that this is a very good story and i can't wait for the sequel. i liked the fact that u heard odd noices and your voice but not anyone elses which makes the story telling more realistic going on the imagination of the viewer and what they would visualise in their minds rater than spoiling it. i shall wait in anticipation of any sequels to this flash and don't mess it up trying to have a mass bumming scene or crazy samurais with unrealisticly long swords or parodies or anything like that. make it like this one because this is very good.


i've seen your other stuff, to which i haven't been very fond of, but this is very interesting. you've done well to keep me engaged with the story and what lies beyond the little girl and her life.

that being said, however, the narration is lacking. it barely manages to stay within the quality of the art and animation; luckily, the lad's accent was genuine; a poor accent attempt would have made things much worse. he doesn't SOUND scary, but he also doesn't sound like he's TRYING to be scary, so that might be on purpose. either way, it doesn't really hit the mark. i'd try something a bit creepier. think tim burton. calming, soothing, almost reassuring - but with a sense of threat lookimg within.

a good example of a storytelling voice:
myspace. com/thespiritchild

watch 'the spirit child' cartoon. :)

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Jan 21, 2007
2:49 PM EST
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