stick killa

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totall time waster



Very cool to play i love ragdoll :D

great game

I used to play this all the time normal NG small side screen but now when I try to play it becomes this huge-ass never ending screen so its basical impossible to play can you help

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GOOD, but......

i found a glitch, if u move the stick figure up on top to the right and hold up and right for a long time, ur figure disapears, but stick a fun game

A good start

It's a little bit average right now, but all you really need to do is build on what you have and I think you'll have something even better. The main thing that got to me about the game was that the little stick man was hard to pick up at times.

If you make another one you could do some things like make different environments to toss the guy around in, and other crazy stuff. Might be able to improve upon graphics a bit too. Just want to see where you can go with this because I love games where you can just goof around with physics like this. Wish you luck if you try to make another one or something.

Theaccumelator responds:

ok thanx guys, i am working on something now, o and if you didnt know, you can use your mouse to throw the stickman, or use your arrow keys

Ok, could have been a lot better

Art was good, controls were a little slow, maybe a little more interactive stuff and it would have been awesome. lol there also was a glitch were I could drag the dude through cliff walls and stuff.

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2.38 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2007
2:03 PM EST
Gadgets - Other