January 21, 2007 –
November 9, 2010
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

I've requested that this game be removed. Had a few LGBT activists carrying out personal attacks.

I have nothing against any group of people. I made this 4 years ago for god knows what reason.



The Gays have spoken. I think they may have all been riding the short bus, though. It took their super sleuths years to ferret out this "anti-gay" game. I like this game because it's simple and uncomplicated -- like the brainiacs who discovered your "monstrosity."

I'm really looking forward to Kike Bus and N****r Bus.

It's really fun. You find him alone on a street in the UK, then you pull the trigger.

SPLAT! Brains everywhere!

This game sucks. The graphics are pathetic. There's no story. The control/handling of the bus is bad. Most importantly: It wasn't fun to play.

The concept itself was kind of dumb, but the coding was great, and the game itself was fun.
Great job, mate.

First of all, I want to give you props for making a game like this... It's obvious there would be people bitching about it but you haven't bitched out of it or removed it, and that's what makes you awesome for it.

Can't say much about it, gameplay is easy, graphics are basic, everything's basic but it's so fun.

My high score so far is 180, I tried really hard because I really hate gay people.

Brilliant game mate this shit is hilarious. I can't believe those shithead's on that activist forum are riled up over this, hahahaha.

Great music choice. 186

lol it's pretty fun.
and i think it's bullshit that that guy went through so much just to complain about this game. they wrote the first amendment for a reason.

I got 122.

I had quite a bit of fun with this game. While it is extremely simple, it's a great little 5 minute game, my highscore is 118. So, you did a good job with this game, congrats.

haha Hectic game man

I had to give all 7 points for effort, this game at least made me laugh.

HOW IS IT A 17???????

Great game..
@ Tsacrey, I think every child should be forced to play this game in school.

Fun and any game with Electric Six in it is awesome!

Fun game. The graphics need work, but the game itself was fun.

was not so fun game . theres no level or anything . boring game . -.-


How is this 17+? I understand the fact that it's full of gay guys but that's no reason to make it 17+. Well.... whatever. I like it and it's really funny and it makes me lol so i'll give it...... 9 out of 10. I think everyone 13+ should play this. ;)

im b i and i toke nu offence it wasn;t relaly funny but it was entertanign to play so gj =)

lol, dude awsome game.
the graphics were crap how ever the actuall game itself was funny and good

There is a point in flash game history where a intelligent person thought,
"Gee, maybe doing too much violence against gays would get tiring after a while."
The guy who made this game ran this person over in a bus with the title 'Gay' on the side.
The Humor is just not funny, and I mean it! My Uncle, My friends, I AM GAY FOR CHRIST SAKE and this is not offensive, it's just....boring.
However, it managed to waste my time for about...what? 1 minute and 10 seconds?

Inappropriate , offensive (and I'm not even gay), crappy graphics , poorly made . This is the epitome of an absolutely horrible game .

I had no problem with the fact that you were killing gays (even though i'm bi, i don not find this offensive). However, the game was ill designed. Very ill designed. It made me die a little inside how pitful this was

this game was awful im not givin zero because its racist to gay ppl wht ever u call it i was just awful there was not point in it a big waste of time and to make it better there should other ppl that if u run over u lose point and be 3d and have more level s

That's was so stupid, pointless, time wasting, and ridiculous... That it was funny.
I don't think bi or gay people should grab this as an excuse to have a big whinge about it being offensive. You clicked on a game that told you what it was about, so deal with it. Every person faces prejudice in some way regardless of who you are actually, despite what the most regularly accepted assumptions are.
Besides, it really does just seem like you're running over sailors, only thing that makes them gay is the creator saying so. And the song at the end made it quite funny.
If you find the game offensive... Don't play it, play games of straight people getting killed (which is probably every game that doesn't say the characters are otherwise).
I would have hated this game if that song wasn't at the end. After a seemingly repetitive, short and extremely straight-forward game, BAM, on comes the feature that made it all worth it despite how much of a bad song it is xD
Sorry about the rant, I know I should restrict the review to the game, but I got quite irritated by the whinging.
Anyway, was okay. 5/10.

That was awful. I being bisexual myself find this really offensive. I know you dont like gay people but that doesnt mean the whole world has to know.


i like the idea of it but it was not a 10

wow dis game was gud. Im not so sure but i do enjoy the running over people in sailor suits, the blood stain on the bus increasing. Plus the final score page music is very fitting with the game... village people huge time faggots.

This is honestly so horrible it's funny. My question is...why are there so many sailors in the middle of town? I saw that some of them were midgets to...hehe.

bahahahahaha kill em all

The credits remind me of the parody song i made!

You run homosexual sailors over with a bus? I'd be a killer!
The only thing I really liked about this game is the sound and the YMCA music at the end.

I know this game is beyond wrong in this day and age.. but I think because it is makes it a bit funny.

this game is stupid but still its make me laugh :P

i fuckin hate gays kill em all especilly ones in sailor suits

the games pretty fun the song is fucking awesome (gay bar by electric six) but it's morally questionable at best anyway dont go running over queers plz anyone homosexuals are just less competition for you jocks i mean they are usually better looking/dressed anyway so be happy they arent fucking your girlfriend

it was short but fun and funny


runnin all of those fkin homos over

This was a crazy fun game! Nice job!

wat the hell was tat.tat was friggin boring...

great game just needs some more fucking levels

But add more levels!

runnin thos gay fucks over

cute background song..haha!!

good game maybe add some levels just a idea

Nice blood effects on the front of the bus. I think you should put a warning out to the epileptic, Flashing windows, dude. Anyway, Good Game!

good game but could be longer.

I like it!Got down bout 158 sailors the 2nd time

Not very good, too short, boring and pointless

got 132

beat this score:234
brilliant game funny too but when u hit the sailerz wit da side of da bus the front getz all bloody can u fix dis?

this game is awesome i killed like... uh...134 sailors? no,no,no, i got 135 sailors and my bus was all bloody to = P

This game rocks!

that was fun, really awesome, they should make one that you run over little fat kids... not that its funny.... he he

all you do is run over sailors but cool name bad graphics but i like how your car gets more bloody when you keep hitting sailors but i want to see him at the gay bar i bet it would look funny

wow thats pretty good its sorta a stress game just releive your stress by hitting gy sailors pretty cool

Best. Game. Ever.

lol awsome XD dats 4 eaching people not 2 be homo :)

I thought it was funny, and the bus was gay indeed! XD

Good game ;)

this is really funny and i liked it. I am not against gays and i would enjoy this game no matter who you run over.

151 kills!

191 kills!

Yea, im not against gays anyways, so mebe next time make it people, cuz then for some reason, people wont take any offence at all just because you made it everyone instead of just gays.

7 stars becuz it was kinda funny.

you should make a free play like if you hit over 175 gays or whatever you can do free play
i got 143
the blood went past the y on gay

no point in it but pretty fun

I have absoloutely nothing against gays butg this game was really fun i gotta admit.

ill give a four for the music YMCA i love to stay at the YMCA yayayaya YMCA woooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice music thats all
and im not gay who ever say im gay a super mega ninja monkey wll kill you
i did not start this

The game is very similar to Crazy Shuttle....

how the hell is running over gays racist? i can understand if it was a bus running over blacks (LOL) but this flash isnt racist.

HAHAH 145 ...

I like this game. THIS GAME IS ASOME. Execpt for the VIOLONCE!!! *Sounds ALARM*
Good. I like it. 50%



Sorry KamesD92, I ain't trying to be offencive to gay people but this game was really funny! Well.. not that funny it was a teensy bit boring.... so there you have it :)

why do ppl hav summet against gay people? is it becoz theyre jealous that gay people have a better life than them, so they go around being racist and homophobic, well tbh, i think homophobes suck and just wanna get attention...

Not cool. It's racist against gay ppl. the only reason you made this game was because you don't like ppl that are not Hetrosexual

this game is hilarious you have to play it

great! fun game (at least funner than "driving and shooting sh*t" lol)
it made me laugh for a couple minutes, so that's worth it
and i really do think gays are... well... gay! lol
so its fun to run over homosexuals in sailor suits
andi i liked your "chicken" button to make people click it lmao

what is this game suposed to be for likling well i dont like it it is boring


please we dont like gay shit but im guessin you were just messin and wanted to make sumthin up do that- if you want- but dont go gay.

I hate this game its nasty Well ryan have you ever thought of girls ???? hugh!!!!!!!!!1


change the name to GAY game... YUCK ...pointless

funny game at the base but...the principe is crazy and the game is to little

Ugly graphics, pointless, ODD, GAY!
fits the name..

Please add more here are stuff you need to add.
You need, More guys,
A fast van,
Level 1-40,
See stuff in the Bus.
Thats all!

The game is cool but why would u call it GayBus ???

but why did you call it gaybus

pretty f***ing funny but f***ed up at the same time

The idea itself is fine but the depth you put into could have been better, different noises from said gay people and maybe different backgrounds and cars. Maybe Gay-Bus 2 will have more content to it.

lol nice

apology accepted admiral ^^
funny game though, but pretty fu**ed up.

that game is so gay

That game is hilarious, and without the music it would be nothing.

Most of all, I loved the music, very apt and hilarious.

ok that was scary alot of gay people .......................... im never gonna play this again but yhe fun lol XD

lol nice game


It was pretty hilarious, but there were ample opportunities to gay the game up more.

hehehehehehehehehehehehehehr,deathheh eheheh,gays=dead homos

A huge gay bus running over sailors? Insulting. I'm a sailor, dammit! Ok...it was still fun...

LOL i love running pedestrians over muahahah.

killing sailors with a gay bus? ill give you a seven for confusing the hell out of me :)

i think it was ok

if anybody is single hit my page up and write me a message

it does not make sense
if you are a gay bus going to the gay bar why would you kill gays?

I loved it!! loved the muzic!!! if only there wer more lvls....

Its cool we can run over butt loving homos

It was an okay game but it needed more depth. I mean - come on, run over a few people while driving a bus and that's it?

That was fun while it lasted.

haha that was pretty fun and funny! not that i hate gays or anything. great game!!

This game is very addictive and it makes me play it again and again. You could add some more things like storymode(lol) or bigger maps with crashes and explosions!

This game is kinda gay.........get it! I liked this game because it's fun ,and sometimes you just wanna run over some queers.

people are pretty stupid

mi highscore is 180. pretty fun game

great game, i hate homo's

LOL~ i love the music though ;P

i got to kil 186 sailors before and that was hard gut i did it this game is fun!

awesome iloved it just make it a little longer

I managed to kill 177 sailors! Great game. Good luck for the future.

156 gay sailors killed wee! =D, well, already it's freakin fun game...i love it!

150 sailors killed this is fun

awsome game man! i can't beleive the high scores, they are so fake, anyway keep up the good work

ps. 13danny13 your weard

its so simple yet so amazing....to kill fags!!!!! great game man, but the only problem is the high score board...i think someone hacked into it bcuz the highest two scores are the same and they are rediculously high...either way, great game

Ha!Ha!Ha!homos are gay and im straight there as straight as a circle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the joke means there not straight at alllll fuckin homos

lol hitting gay sailors! wonder what it would be like in real life

I do.10/10.

this game had no point, but that whoever made hates gay people. I don't hate gays but i did find that hitting people is fun- straight, gay or bi

i pwnd a total of get this...653 sailors!!

I love strange but yet fun games. This was one of them.

pwnd 151 of em :D

that was strange but really fun! i guess im strange to then but anyways this was uhhhhh fun.....i think thats the word! so yeah good job! bye!

i have a brother who is gay, who in fact watched this with me and bust a gut, so for all you gays out there who got mad about this, GET OVER IT, and take your anger out on congress instead

it was so funny but he 321 thing was to long......

it sucked but the hillarous factor makes up for it

those fuckin queers!

that was Fucking FUN!

did you use "ugh" sound effects from "Yoda Stories?"

Decent game. Not amazing though.


This game needs to be taken off as it is very offensive to gays as well as sailors in any navy. Your video game is portraying that sailors are gay when in fact you have no evidence that all sailors are gay. And why in the world would you want to drive a bus over them? You really need to think over who you hurting and how it may reflect you as a video game creator.

Too good, such a cheap idea but I love it. The way the gay bus's window light up was cheap and funny too.

By The Way i'm not a noob or a geek or a nerd... I'm just a normal computer hacker... (or flash game) but still I OWNED YOU ALL I'M IN 3RD PLACE WOOT

A good game even if it's short. The grunts made me feel scared tbh.

running over ur own sailors hahahahahahaha

it was funny but nathan hacked faggot

This is a pretty badass game!! I just love to run over things!! good job


i liked it

It's all right but hard to get a high score like other nerds like they got really high scores.

Pretty good though.

Hey, you know how Americans always do impressions of British people like yourself and make fun of them? Well i was wondering two things. 1.) Does our impressions sound about right or do they suck? 2.) Do you guys iver there do Americans accents and make fun of us?

not a bad game by the way

hey can u make one ware we smash government people with a large object of smashing?

nice job

mad random

You are a funny person.

ok, so u made a flash. nice one, but dude choose a better theme, ur r obv a total homophobe or summin and ur rpls to comments are a little disturbin to. sort it out!
graphically poor
lacks style - run over bin laden or summin wud b betR
sound - well, u nicked it really didnt you? fits game i spose
violence - it has, but graphics of are crud
interactivity - u move bus up and down, left to right, suppoe you couldnt have added more.
humor - purely for the song!

thumbs down mate. sorry

that was wered in a good way


and its beta thn all of the other chavvy stuff on driving games.

I have an annoying gay person at my school, name protected so you wont do my dirty work, but this is what god made earth for, or something like that.
Run over the ''silly sailors'' in your gay-mobile (a bus) and score points everytime you hit a gay, and so life is restored to peace.
I cant get to the top, but its great fun for a few minutes left of your time, and is a good stress reliver. I love it, you will love it, unless you are a gay, then you wont (obiously)!!!!

As much as I hate homosexuals..
This is a good way on killing them.. Good Job ;D

Pretty simple game.
I gotta love the music. Nice choice!
One small complaint though. NOT GAY ENOUGH!

While I don't find this submission to be offensive I don't quite understand why the gay bus is running over gay sailors and not picking them up. The sound was a little repetitive. Overall it was funny.

the idea was great but the game its self was pretty half assed. but who am i to talk the best art i ever made was a face mad out of kraft dinner. the idea was pretty conrovercial which is probly the only reason im writeing this... yes i do have gay friends and they would probly just laugh.

extra credet for acctually replieing to peoples comments. i rarely see people who make games or vidios on ng that actually comment on peoples comments.

all in all it was pretty half assed but it was probly done out of boredom and a need to tell people off. if you make another have the scenario: gay pride parade!

good job

You know sometimes I think I'm one of the gay people left who can take a joke. So don't worry I'm not going to go "OMGZ I FNDZ ZE OFFEZIVE".

Anyways, it was pretty fun and kind of amusing about average really, good but not great. Keep at it I'm sure you'll get much better!

that was super! running over gays made me relief myself make more games you got potential!....rock on!

119!!!!! the music is gay, everything in it is gay. dude, u were designed to make games to gay ppl. lol, it was so funny

Hmm... Well, I am gay and I don't find this game so much offensive as I do ignorant, but that's your problem. But I must admit you could've done a better job with the graphics; with just a little more time I'm sure you could've improved the quality.

(And by the way, all that "I have gay friends and I find this offensive" crap is all bullshit. Unless you have two dads or are homosexual yourself, you don't understand. So stop trying to speak out on behalf of gays, thanks. :))

Yeah. Anyway, good luck with any future games of yours. I'm off to buy myself a sailor suit now. Ciao.

lol runing over gay people is was fun and easy! great work

Haha... running over gays....classic. but i couldnt help but notice, how could you get 1900+ gays? thats crazy. Anyways good game but maybe add some variety to the gay culture? perhaps a couple gimps?

The Reeferman

I didnt really think of them as gays just people to kill and thats the basics of awsome I love the music to

this game is fun!i meen,can you get better than killing saylors,and,there gay!freaking addictive!never played a better driving game on this website,keep it up!running over gay people kicks seirious ass!w0000000000000000000000000 000t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hitting gay sailors wit a gay bus pritty fun and i cant belive how many people found this offensive i mean GAYNESS IS WRONG DAMIT. if (god/Nature witch inculdes all the otehr religous beings) intended guys to fuck guys hed have made the ass a sex orgain. and if your gay. dont admit it even on line its wierd. btw funny

this is not an attempt to be funny about gays in order to amuse other newgrounders, its you showing your hate for them.

i dont like supporting things like these, as theres no reason to dislike gay people, and it worries me about the person when i see it.

if you forget this for the moment, and cut the game down to its very basics, you made a rectangle that moves with the arrow keys to hit as many smaller rectangles as possible in a specific amout of time.

not really giving much to compensate for the narrow minded gay bashing.

in consideration to the way your mind seems to work, no, i am definately straight.

first off i have homosexual friends and secondly i am of the homosexual persuasion i find it very offensive

Fun game, very simple, good animation.
I had a good time running over gay sailors.
Thank you for the chance to do so.
You are a gentleman and a scholar.

LoL!! I love your sense of humor. Well i'm not against gay people or am one ( God No!) BUT I just LOVED this game! It's very simple but it's soo funny! I was laughing so hard, and after I finished the game, the YMCA and the dancing sailors cracked me up!

AWESOME FLASH MAN!!!! Hey as one the guys in the reveiws said you should put micheal jackson in there, MAKE HIM THE BOSS!!!

not enough blood.. it the were more i would have given you an overall of 9 the humor was 10 cuz in the menu it was like chicken so i presed it and it showed a picture of 3 sailors witch was really random so... yeah

Graphics could have used a little touch up, so i gave them a 7
The style comes from the blood forming on the front of the buss as you go along, so thats an 8
As you pwn gay sailors, the Uh and eee sounds they make gets very repetitive, so thats a 5...
Theres a lot of unorganized death, so an 8 in violence
Its a game, but its only arrow keys, 8 for interactivity
Your killing gays,so its pretty funny, 10 for humor

Overall, it comes to a 8 or 9, not the best, but pretty good.

this woz pretty gd like the idea well done

This is the funniest game i have ever played!...and also it was funny watching you make it!! There should be more levels...but theres not much point saying that seeing as you probably wont do that lol. The game is VERY addictting. I think you should have done an animation at the end where they get off the bus and do the YMCA into the gay bar (with the YMCA music in the background)...but still amazingly funny!!

this game kicks ass. what could be more fun than hitting gay sailors?

One of the funniest driving games :)

this game was grand. it was original and just overall funny

Loved it. dont worry about offending gays, ive never seen a gay on the net. exept for myspace emos.

Ok game but a few things...

1. You should have made a story line

2. You should have made more levels

3. A bonus mode, or a boss, or a gun, or something cool like that

4. A turn off music button... even though the game isn't that long...

5. A quality button...

6. You should have made the people that you were running over Micheal Jaxon... lol

7. Are you gay or something??? (nothing personal)

8. Make another

Keep it up


Do you remember when the word "gay" used to mean happy?
i sure dont.....

Great game.

damn this game was hilarious i nearly died laughin keep up the good work

Hehe. Good idea, runnin over gays in the gay bus on your way to the gay bar, but it all seems a bit homophobic. Now, i'm not gay, I just don't judge people.
But enough hippie crap, decent submission, could do with improving, and PLEASE get rid of the guy whos put 'F*** you darren' all over the scoreboards. His score's so bloody high that no one can knock him off themselves.

not the first of its kind and Im sure its not the last. i think the real icing on the cake for this one is how closely you come to offending like a million people, and for that you get props.

^^Good Points^^
Not a bad game at all. The concept is pretty funny. Running over gays for no apparent reason with a gay bus. I liked the graphics, good drawings throughout, and the shadowing effects were cool. The ending was pretty funny too...gay sailors.

^^Needs Improving^^
I really would have liked to see some other gay stereotypes, perhaps construction workers. A little lame with just those characters. This could also use a high score list, as this could be a more replayable game if it were more competitive. Right now it's just good for a short one time play.

You have to realise that you are providing laughs to a fair few people, but also giving a platform for dicks like the BURN ALL THE GAYS guy. If this was a joke, then that should have been more clear, as some poor slow minded individuals didn't get that (BURN ALL THE GAYS guy - this means you) I'm straight btw - just not a narrow minded fuckwit ;-)

Aside from that pretty cool, and getting more than 4 in one go was quite satisfying!

It's not because it's gay people you're running over with the bus that I give you 4/10. I don't care what you're running over, whether it's gay people, bunnies, monsters or Tom Fulp.. it's just that it's a very simple game and quite boring. Or at least, not interesting enough to play a 2nd time.

Well, I'm not a homophobe, and I don't like people that hate gay people... But overall this was a fun game, and I ran over 142 gay sailors. Really, if you had made it any other thing to run over it would still be considered rude. Yeah, gay people might get offended, but hopefully they'll take it as a joke. It's a fun game. I just like hitting things with the bus.

This game is pretty lame and its stereotypical... im not gay but i think lots of gay people would be offended by it cuz its just that goddamn YMCA song and hitting sailors. apart from the sickening homophobic act it is rather fun...I must compliment you on the blood on the bus...:D Btw my max was 217.

This game is easily one of my favs runing over gay sailors with a gay bus and your SUPPOSED TO WHATS MORE FUN THAN THAT?!
hah it was laugh out loud funny. The reson for the 8 graphics is cuz it NEEDS MORE BLOOD MUAHAHA oh and more death animations XD.
And the sound is cause the menu song gets anoying :P and ADD MORE SCREAMS SO I CAN TOURTURE THE HELL OUTTA THOSE GAY SAILORS HAHAH! (easily the most fun ive had in a while XD)

Ha-ha-ha-aha funny but needs more screaming mwahahahahaha.

its funny coz their gay

Not bad, no doubt you've gotten some hatemail for this. I laughed a lot while playing. Made it hard to get a good score. I love how the instructions were written, and the 'Chicken' thing was funny. Make more games =D

I didnt like the aim of the game cos ive nothing against gays.Anyway the game is very funny and it made me laugh!
I think if u make a game like this but u kill nazis,i think it will be addicting,cos killing gays dont inspire me(and i cos i think I and lots of people hates nazis!!! >=] )
Nice Work!!!

Hmmm, very amusing. Kinda short, though. Lengthen the time to get to the gay bar just a little?

By the way, you totally should have made the blood-splatters an odd color. Like, green. To denote that gays aren't people, of course. If a version two comes, you know what to do.

Overall, though, it's a quality game for the conscienceless. ;D Gay bar!

A game about hate crime, as if we all didn't need another reminder that intolerance was part of being American. This is not cool, it's shameful.

this game is great.I like killing those goddamn gays,maries,(in video games )(its a pitty about the law protecting them)and all of other homosexual persons

its alright but it has one level so it wasnt really that interesting.

haha really kool game i love it but how do u no they are gay? they look like ordinary sailors . great game really funny

This is ok but frankly it sounds like they tryin to supress an orgasm when they get ran over, an dont sound like any gay i know would if they was hit by a bus. any way in another note HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAlol

it is fun but a guy got 9999 on it it is in beatabal oh and fuck it fuck fuck fuck ass ass ass shit shit shit mofo mofo mofo oh ya and i am 9 years old

Well tbh its got one level....Its hardly worth the time of anyone and if you ask me it kinda sucks...Sorry dude but it needs to be better

Well, i really don't know how this made the front game page. Many people make games like this and don't get it.

Graphics: 3 Well come on, you could have made more then one sailor.
Style: 2 Too common.
Sound: 4 Well, all you did is found one voice and played it over and over again, and gve a couple of bits of songs.
Violence: 6 You squish little sailor men... There's only blood on the bus.
Interactivity: 5 I'll give it medium.
Humor: 4 I don't really see what's funny about squishing men, even if they're gay. But still, 4 should be ok.
Overall: 5 This game was medium. I've seen better and worse.

Funny game maybe just add more onto it, but riding over the gay sailors is reason enough to play this game

To that last guy: Hello this is Newgrounds! If you gotta problem with shit, dont complain about it here. Its called freedom of speech. All that shit you mentioned is prolly on here somewhere.

As to the creator. You got guts kid! Keep it up!

Hilarious game man! It was very fun too and everything about it was funny. GREAT JOB!


This is so hilarious! The name you chose, the way you wrote the instructions, everything made me laugh. Well done.

This game gets way addictive after a while. The little 'disclaimer' on the description made me laugh a lot, too. Good fun for when you're bored.

huh funny game, but how can someone get 99999 ghigscore. ?
and you have some action script problems.
but i like this game.

It would be cooler if there were more different stereotypes of gay men, not just the navy guy. Like a leather clan gay, someone with pink hair and hot pants, a randy priest, every member of The Village People! The list goes on.

Loved it though =)

I hate gays, this game makes it even funnier. So far, I got 110 sailors, but I'll get more next time. Great job!

HIGHSCORE :P this is an awesome game

Hahahahaha your game and the song are so funny. It know for sure it's going to be blamed but anyways, it made me laugh for a while. Tx :D

Great music/humour


My chin hurts now, but damn brother that was some funny shit. I think more than type of gay guy, or a VILLAGE PEOPLE BOSS BATTLE!!!!!11!
Now that would kick butt.

Even though this can be considered a bit hateful towards homosexuals, I still found it pretty damn fun. I liked how it felt as if I was really running them over and the game went through nice and smooth. More levels would be nice.


Brillaint, pure brillaint.
graphics: Great animation and darling little sailors with their cute hats.
Style: A brilliant fun mini-game.
sound: Lovely grunts and shouts, with a delightfull song ending.
Interactivity: well...it is a game.
Humour: YMCA, yay, yay, yay. Very funny.

Brillaint, great, brillaint...but it might be considered hatefull.


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3.28 / 5.00