N00bKebob #25

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N00bKebob #25
Ten parts
15 fps

This is the largest kebob ever made!
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Wow :D

Some parts definatly stood out more than others especilly with so many parts this time, lol, I actually liked kings the most though, even though it was lacking art, it was the funniest of them.
There was a huge mix of styles here that's for sure, you can't see it as much in the other Kebobs but in this one you can because of the large number.

I think this is by far the best Kebob produced :D

Good job to everyone who made a part :)



N00bNation responds:

Its good that we got many parts of different styles yes. But people should really put some more time into their parts. Me included. As the deadlines are quite long.


Nice this turned Great out, god work everybody :D

N00bNation responds:

Yes we are GODs. :P


Yay for randomness and Anal Cunt!!!!


lol, i cant stop laughing

N00bNation responds:

Glad you like it :)

The newest kebob!

Wow, what a big collection we have this time!

Well, I'm not going to review all the parts because I'd die before finishing , but I'll give some comments on my favorites!

Queen's part is hilarious, the graphics are cool, as usual, and when those "pokemons" started shouting I just laughed, so hard!

King's was also hilarious. The graphics were extremely simple, but it was just so funny! I watched it over 3 times and still laugh!

LeetP's graphics were really cool, and it was funny aswell!

Mungus' part was also quite funny, with all the random screaming and raping!

Well, overall, a great collaboration, and, while I didn't enjoyed some movies as much as others (like mine, which, from my point of view, turned badly), is a swell job. The average pace of the flashes is rather slow anyway, and I feel some people won't like that.

Oh, and by the way, great menu song! :D

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N00bNation responds:

Dont go to hard on yourself. Everyone has a bad day now and then.

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2.90 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2007
9:36 AM EST
Comedy - Original