PW: Inspired Justice 2

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Holy shit this took me some time. 3557 frames long, 20 frames per second, 14 scenes, 2.9633~ minutes in length!

Please suggest for the Phoenix Wrong Collection and don't forget to see/suggest the first one as well.

Scene 1 - Happy Gilmore
Scene 2 - Presidents of America (Peaches)
Scene 3 - My Cousin Vinny
Scene 4 - Joe Esposito (You're the Best)
Scene 5 - Metalocalypse
Scene 6 -Pirates of Penzance (The Modern Major General)
Scene 7 - Full Metal Jacket
Scene 8 - B52's (Rock Lobster)
Scene 9 - South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut
Scene 10 - Camp Kill Yourself (Skeletor vs Beastman)
Scene 11 - Blood Hound Gang (I Wish I Were Queer [So I could Get Chicks])
Scene 12 - Snoop Dog feat. Dr. Dre (G-Thang)
Scene 13 - Weird Science
Scene 14 - Toy Box (Sailor Song)

This was originally planned to be 28 scenes long, but after burning myself out, I decided to cut it back to half of that. Besides, the ones I cut out are not big loss. Happened with the last one, too, and look how great that one still is!



I liked it.

As I said, I liked it.

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Sunrie responds:

Well thank you very much. I'm glad you did.

no offense intended, okay?

That was pretty funny. Although... here are a few recommendations... okay... first, i personally think that phoenix wrongs shouldn't be (musicized). music is cool, but NOT in a phoenix wrong... using it like in the last PW inspired Justice... like the muppets and hampster dance... THOSE were funny. but these songs that appeared... they just weren't that funny. also, maybe you oughta pick some different sound clips, like... ones that are more ridiculously funny, etc etc... so, no offense, but I thought the first PW Inspired Justice was better. but, that's just me. whether you listen to this review or not is up to you. have a nice day.

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Sunrie responds:

No offence taken. To each their own. I actually liked the Best Around and Rock Lobster the best out of the scenes.

The next one I'm not sure how it will come together yet.

thats a goodn'

Fuck yea..that was awsome..im showing everyone i know souly because of the fact that dethklok had a part in this....ya gotta love Dr Rockso

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Sunrie responds:

Hell yes! The scene was longer, but didn't feel right, so Wyldfire helped me find a good place to cut it.

I love that damn clown, man..."I DO COCAINE!!!"

good job, Funny!!!

loved the ending too!!!

(5/5 just for tearing that other guy a new one...)

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Sunrie responds:

Thank you, thank you, thank you. The ending was a labor of love and I learned a few new things from it.

Could use work

Well, for one, the graphics did look alittle blured in parts, like they where distorted and some of the sprites you used just didn't fit in with the background they where used in because of the cut off marks.

The quality of sound was also another thing I came upon, it was pritty poor, some sounds where really crackly and others where muffled, try adjusting the quality of the sound when you come to export it.
And the actual sound clips you used, I didn't really find most of them funny, try to use a wider selection of sounds.

Also, the quality of the buttons, they looked very poor, although they did do there job fine, they just didn't look very good, try to improve the look of them.

The ending was probably the best part, not because it was over but because you used other sprites along with the PW sprites, that was good in a way.

Anyway, just fix up the sound and graphics problems and I'm sure you can make a better one :)

Good luck with future flash words.



Sunrie responds:

I don't know how, why, or where they sprites looked blurred. Unless, of course, you're talking about some of the ending sprites which were resized to fit the backgrounds. Traced bitmap 1, 1, pixels, so they came out how they looked originally. As for the cutoff marks, you're really picking straws with it. Look at previous Phoenix Wrongs and you can see a lot worse.

If the sound seems poor, it's because of your system, not because of the animation. All audio was edited outside of Flash in Sony Vegas Professional 6.0 and optimized in Flash on the export. As for the variety of sounds, it was 7 different movie quotes and 7 different songs...how much wider variety do you want?

The buttons were poor, but did their job? Talk about nit-picking. I wasn't about to spend another 40 minutes developing uber looking buttons for a simple click task at the END of the movie. Had they been important during the rest of the animation, then of course they would recieved more attention. Talk about paper-tiger syndrome.

The ending did take the most time and is one of my favorite scenes. I was going for a "never-ending party" thing.

There are no graphic and sound problems. This is one of the higher Phoenix Wrong submissions on the Portal, lead only by three others, so I don't really think "a better one" is the correct statement to make.

I think you mean "future flash works". Good luck on future flash reviews and grammar.

2/5 for at least writing understandably

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Jan 21, 2007
8:01 AM EST
Comedy - Parody