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Let me go down the stairs

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Even when no one's around, why can't i use the stairs? you faggot teachers! you and your stupid rules.




Resubbmitting this,how much?Well I guess you are full of shit.

tuan69 responds:

hey fucker-man, go shove that dildo up your ass.

Eclaimed author? oh yea,right!!

ive seen every single one of ur flashes, they're all the same damn thing! go do somthin else u retard!!

tuan69 responds:

yer i'm doing my homework!

Thanks for the review!

This rocks, and so does your name.

Great stuff. Randomly funny. Pure craziness.

"No! Donkey! dumbledore!"

tuan69 responds:

Thanks man, you have a cool name too. Bilbo, Bibilo I mean, well it's close enough to the almighty awesome Bilbo Baggins.

Thanks for the review!


The heart breaking story of a man on a rescue misson, a real tear jerker! I was about to cry. Seriously. In amusement though, 'cause this flash rocks! Woohoo to the extreme!

tuan69 responds:

Yep, this is a REAL tear jerker, unlike Lucas' Episode III.

Thanks for the review!

horrible animation, very unnecessary swearing

I usually dont mind swear words in flash anims, just as long as the animation is even remotely decent, horrible voiceacting too i might add.

tuan69 responds:

You probably have a bad voice too I might add, from all that sucking... and sucking.

Thanks for the review!

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1.83 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2007
3:17 AM EST
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