Dick about in a spaceship

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The day before I finish this, some other guy submits a game where you fly a spaceship with the mouse, tractor-beaming people up >=(

I made a shitty version of this months ago. A week ago, I came back to it and made an awesome version.

Thanks to whoever the hell ZehPhantom is. I used his music "Apocalpse" from the audio portal. gj

EDIT- 1000 views. If I added up everyone I've met since I was born, it wouldn't be as many people as have played my game. Awesome =D



Very simple! Liked it, the controls worked very well. I think you should work more on this, make it a project. But then, that's me >_<.

Only part I didn't like was the sound, though, it was accurate with the beams and such (I think there were sounds...).


It's great, But it is impossible to dodge bullets.


This may have only happened to me but there was a glitch where right after i died my spaceship just stayed in one spot and the health started to go off the screen to the right i guess ti represent that i was in negative health but it just kept on going back and back so i just exited i didn't even try to fix it

but anywayz besides that a fun game 6 out of 10 on review and a 3 of 5 on my vote

I had fun playing. But..

It got hard way too quickly. It was fun though. But It was hard to make it past day 3. Maybe if the cops didnt shoot so much at you. And maybe if you could see the bullets they shoot. Nearly a great game.

i thought it was pretty cool

i thought it was an interesting little timekiller game. it started out nice and slow, and picked up quickly. it actually kept me on my feet.
My recommendations: updating the graphics and smoothing up the controls would help, but what i think would really increase this game's appeal would be: multiple levels to play on, and upgrades, like different weapons, extra health, or different looks.

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3.23 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2007
3:10 PM EST
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