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Dick about in a spaceship

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Author Comments

The day before I finish this, some other guy submits a game where you fly a spaceship with the mouse, tractor-beaming people up >=(

I made a shitty version of this months ago. A week ago, I came back to it and made an awesome version.

Thanks to whoever the hell ZehPhantom is. I used his music "Apocalpse" from the audio portal. gj

EDIT- 1000 views. If I added up everyone I've met since I was born, it wouldn't be as many people as have played my game. Awesome =D


ill make a resonable review

needs more work add upgrades the hitboxes like when the policeman shot are very stupid it shouldn't be completely instantanous and even when there not even shooting directly anywhere in the ships area it still do daamage Improvement is needed....


.............ok then

to hard

gay controls but the rest was alright

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I like a game that can be won....

....and I was amused by the space invaders gun thing that is (in space invaders) human player controlled being the humans' ultimate weapon, but this still wasn't a very impressive game. Pretty aimless. Kind of tedious. But at least it's rather short. Better to be short and tedious than long and tedious. The gun is certainly underpowered, I'll say. Not to mention unimaginative (as opposed to the awesome gun in No Time to Explain). With the exception of the truck and the tank upon which the lifter has no effect, there's no use for the gun. But it's one of your earlier works so I guess it might have been an experiment. January 20, 2007. I remember that day. I was in Saint Louis, and a crazy transvestite black guy came up to me, kissed me on the cheek, and asked for 3 dollars for a bus ticket, speaking in a cliche gay accent. One of my more memorable memories, yessirree.

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Nice game.

I've always loved all your games, and this one is your worst. But hey, it's still pretty damn good. The only thing I have to gripe about is that I can just go under the ground and use my tractor beam UNDER the cops (IN the GROUND) and still get "kills".

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Credits & Info

3.23 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2007
3:10 PM EST
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