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Those halo thing facts

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I added more to the cursor, another song and better buttons.

A tribute to that halo thing. Over 30 facts of unbelievable stuff! If you've never heard of that halo thing, member search 'mechabloby'.

All these facts are true since he sent me a PM with the facts on. Hope you like this.

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why you kill the arbiter? the arbiter was cool you should make another episode when they find out the arbiter is still alive and they find him

There are 39 facts here

Thank you, after reading this I'll probably watch "that halo thing" just because of all the work that apparently went into it.

btw it's probably just a bug but facts 36 and 37 are the same!

on the note of bugs the music stacks, work on that.


to be honest, this movie is no movie. Just a exported flash document filled with boring information, if you ask me. spend your time on something else. if you really want to share this information with others, put it into the forum or something, not.

Could do with a bit more polish

Fact 36 and 37 were the same, and the music was messed up. Clicking either of the buttons started playing the song, but didn't stop any previous songs from playing. You needed to add a bit of action script to stop all sounds before starting a new sound. Overall this seems a bit rushed, though no doubt fairly interesting to fans of That Halo thing, (which I haven't heard of or seen before this fact set), though I'm not sure how many there are.

Idealy, something like this would have been done as an animation with some kind of interview of the creator or characters with a dash of humour added. That would, imo score higher


"that halo thing" is probably some series of some sort, and it might be good, but seriously, who cares? there wasnt much point of this